Dash cameras have become a must-have for even small to midsize fleets.

They provide valuable footage that can help protect drivers and vehicles, as well as improve safety and efficiency on the road. Here’s a list of benefits of installing dash cameras for trucks you won’t want to miss: 

  1. Improved Safety

Dash cameras provide an extra layer of security while on the road. They record what’s happening around the vehicle and can be used to monitor driver safety and prevent accidents. Since systems like GPS Trackit also connect to the vehicle’s engine management system, you can also get warnings about mechanical or maintenance issues that could compromise safety. 

  1. Reduced Insurance Costs

One of the quickest ways to reduce insurance costs? Providing real-time evidence in case of an accident or other incident with dash cameras for trucks. This saves time and money when processing insurance claims—which can mean an up to 10 percent reduction in premiums. 

  1. Better Fleet Management

Dash cameras for trucks allow fleet managers to keep track of their vehicles in real time as well as review driving habits from day to day or week to week. This helps them identify areas where drivers need improvement and increase the overall efficiency of operations. Better routes and safer drivers mean more clients served and lower costs. 

  1. Driver Coaching

Drivers who are new to the job may benefit from having a dash camera installed in their truck while they learn the ropes of fleet driving. The footage provided by the dashcam allows managers and trainers to provide feedback on how they should have handled certain situations—which quickly increases skill and safety. Systems like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet have dual-view cameras that can record both interior and exterior views. This added layer of protection creates end-to-end accountability. The telematics system also gives fleet managers the opportunity to warn drivers against aggressive or too-fast driving—behavior changes that translate into fewer moving violations and fines.  

  1. Improved Documenting Capabilities

Dash cameras provide valuable evidence in cases such as theft, vandalism, or fraud—as well as providing visual proof about exactly who was responsible for an incident or collision. Having access to the evidence you need to defend a frivolous lawsuit is especially important given the current economic environment–where fleet vehicles can be seen as targets

  1. Reduced Fuel Costs

Dash cameras that work as a part of a telematics system give managers the ability to monitor fuel consumption more closely and pinpoint areas where drivers are wasting fuel with excessive idling or speeding. Simply monitoring tire pressure can save two percent of your fuel costs—and combined with monitoring the other behaviors you can save up to 10 percent. 

  1. Increased Productivity

A fleet management system with dash cameras increases safety but also productivity by allowing you to monitor each driver’s progress throughout their shifts. This helps managers ensure that all jobs are being completed in a timely manner—and gives much better job time data for accurate quoting. Traffic and weather overlay also help guide vehicles around potential bottlenecks. 

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