With fuel costs double where they were just a year ago, finding ways to reduce consumption and increase efficiency are no doubt at the top of every fleet manager’s to-do list. With sophisticated fleet management solutions like those from GPS Trackit, those jobs are easier than ever before. 

A list of purchases on your corporate gas cards will give a wide-angle look at fleet fuel spending, but having a more granular view of how fuel is being consumed gives you a chance to reorganize your routes, improve driver behavior and stay on top of the maintenance items that keep vehicles running most efficiently. 


Route Optimization

Before deploying GPS Trackit’s fleet management platform, Scott Thompson’s delivery trucks were only able to service two or three clients per route. Once he could see detailed overlays of where his 30 trucks traveled each day, he was able to modify those routes so each truck not only drove shorter distances—saving fuel & fuel costs—but also served double the customers. The fuel costs savings alone more than covered the cost to use the fleet management solution—and the optimization gave Thompson’s business room to grow without adding trucks. 


Improved Driver Behavior Improved Fuel Cost

Drivers who keep safety and efficiency top of mind are a fleet’s most valuable asset. With GPS Trackit’s platform, fleet managers can create driver performance scoreboards that update in real-time—showing performance indicators like fuel efficiency, speed consistency, and how drivers use the accelerator and brake. Curtailing aggressive driving alone improves fuel costs efficiency by up to 40 percent—enormous savings in a time when diesel can cost $6 per gallon. Reducing idling time by 20 minutes per day can save more than $800 in fuel costs per year per vehicle. Managers can use the data to build the appropriate training programs, identify drivers who would benefit from coaching, and reward those who meet particular sets of safety and efficiency metrics. With the competition for experienced drivers at a high, offering tangible recognition and rewards for good performance helps fleets stand out as potential employers. 


Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

GPS Trackit’s modules connect to the vehicle diagnostic computer, which allows fleet managers to keep track of each truck’s “health”—and schedule proactive maintenance that can dramatically reduce fuel costs and other running costs. Staying on top of the basics like oil changes, spark plug replacement, and proper tire inflation will improve overall fleet fuel economy by 10 percent. With vehicle-level tracking and detailed reporting tools, managers can also notice vehicle-, driver- and route-specific maintenance trends, giving you the chance to plan ahead instead of spending extra to fix an issue in the middle of a crisis. 


To learn more about how GPS Trackit’s fleet management solutions can help you save money, contact one of our Fleet Solutions experts for a free demo.