Insurance for your fleet is an unavoidable expense. Protecting your assets is a must. But you can save from 15 to 30 percent on those insurance premiums—thousands of dollars per year—simply by using a GPS-based fleet management solution in each vehicle. 

Here’s how it works. 

Deploy an easy-to-install GPS device in a truck and it works with the engine’s diagnostic computer to provide a complete roadmap for that vehicle—literally. The tracking function lets a fleet manager pinpoint location on a map, while having real-time information about both driver performance and vehicle health. 

Systems like the ones from GPS Trackit can also incorporate driver- and forward-facing cameras—which protect against fraudulent accident claims and promote improved driver performance. GPS Trackit’s VidFleet video telematics system uses sophisticated facial recognition software to recognize when drivers are tired or distracted and provide an audible warning. 

With the real-time monitoring and data from a GPS tracking system, fleet managers can quickly improve the efficiency of their routing, more effectively reward or retrain drivers for their specific performance profiles, prevent unauthorized vehicle use, stay ahead on preventative maintenance and give law enforcement an enormous head start on recovering stolen vehicles.

The net? Accident risk in vehicles with GPS-based tracking systems is reduced by 30 percent—and accident claims that do get filed are 40 percent lower. With comprehensive vehicle and video data available instantly, the reporting and claims process is also more efficient and accurate, and there’s less room for legal dispute later—a subject we covered in-depth in this webinar with two experts who specialize in this area of law. This translates into less risk for insurance providers, which reduces premiums accordingly. The average GPS Trackit customer sees a positive return on annual investment in less than a month.

With GPS Trackit’s ROI calculator, you can see just how much you could be saving. Contact one of our Fleet Advisors for a free demo today.