Many small businesses think that they can’t afford GPS tracking, or that they don’t need it because they only have a few vehicles. Both of these common misconceptions can be quickly dispelled when you think about the many benefits that a GPS tracking system provides. The return on your investment more than makes up for the cost of the system, and you also get more intangible benefits such as a better customer experience and an edge over your competition.

Businesses Benefitting Most From GPS Tracking

Some small businesses can obviously benefit from a GPS tracking system, but there are many others that can also improve the bottom line with an investment in this technology. Here are just eight small business types that can benefit from fleet GPS:

  1. Couriers – When time is of the essence, quickly dispatching the closest driver can make all the difference.
  2. Taxi and delivery – The best way to cut down on fuel costs is to drive shorter distances. A GPS tracking system allows both dispatchers and drivers to see which vehicle is closest to the next pick-up location. You can also use green routes to reduce mileage and reduce fuel consumption.
  3. Restaurant delivery – Give your customers more accurate delivery times (and hotter food) with real-time GPS route planning and dispatching.
  4. HVAC technicians – Don’t give your customers a four-hour window, give them a narrow range based on real data. Emergency calls can also be quickly dispatched to the closest driver to improve customer service and cut down on fuel costs.
  5. Phone, cable, and utility providers – If your business depends on visiting multiple customer locations in one day, smart route planning and real-time mapping can help you improve efficiency.
  6. Product distribution – Implement a system with integrated temperature monitoring for perishable items.
  7. Construction – Track heavy equipment and trailers so you know where all of your assets are, all the time.
  8. Landscapers – The more clients you can serve in a day, the more revenue you can generate. Dispatch your landscaping teams wisely so you can cover the most ground in a limited period of time.

In addition to small businesses, fleet GPS can also be effectively used for local law enforcement, first responders, and municipal governments. Any organization that has at least one vehicle that needs to be tracked can benefit from a GPS tracking system. You also get the benefit of reduced insurance rates, no matter how large or small your business is.

GPS Trackit has vehicle tracking solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. We’ll work closely with you to help you determine exactly what you need (and what you don’t) so you can find the best system for your budget. Talk to a Fleet Advisor to get started today.

Is your business type not on this list? Tell us what you do and how you would use GPS tracking.