Monitoring vehicle activity and driver behavior are not the only functions of your GPS tracking system. If you work in an industry that has power take off (PTO) events, then you can benefit from monitoring them as well. Imagine how you could improve your business if you knew how often certain equipment was operated. This type of insight into your daily operations can help you increase profits and streamline your business.

Using Your GPS Tracking System to Monitor PTO Events

In many cases, it is possible to use your GPS tracking system to monitor PTO events. You can get real-time data, create alerts, or run reports to let you know when any activity that requires an electrical current is performed. For example, raising or lowering the bed of a dump truck, operating the winch on a tow truck, or using the brushes on a street sweeper.

Monitoring PTO events with your GPS tracking system can help you:

  • Improve driver accountability – Speeding, idling, and location tracking are useful for ensuring that your drivers are safe and responsible. However, just because a vehicle is at the correct site or on the right route does not mean that it is operating. If an employee knows that the activity of the equipment is being monitored, they are more likely to work efficiently, saving you on extra labor costs and ensuring that the job gets done in a timely manner.
  • Optimize maintenance schedules – Just as you can use your GPS tracking system to monitor engine hours and mileage to reduce maintenance costs for your vehicles, you can also use PTO event monitoring in the same way. A quick glance at a report will tell you how long the equipment has been in use so you can schedule routine maintenance and replace worn parts. You can also get an alert if any of the vehicle’s maintenance warning lights come on so you don’t have to rely on drivers to report it.
  • Prevent improper vehicle use – If vehicles are left at a work site, it’s possible that they will be tampered with. Fleet GPS can let you know if the vehicle gets moved or is stolen, but PTO monitoring can also let you know if it is being operated without traveling. If your vehicle is stolen, you can also determine whether it is being used or if it has simply been driven to another site.

If you’d like to learn more about the many ways a GPS tracking system can be used to optimize your fleet, contact the professionals at GPS Trackit. We’ll help you evaluate your specific needs so you can select the right system for your business. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

How would you use PTO monitoring to improve operations?