What is Real-Time Asset Tracking?

Real-time asset tracking has revolutionized many industries worldwide because it provides consumers, as well as business leaders, access to immediate information about shipments. GPS tracking alerts you in real-time, 24/7, on the status of your vehicles and cargo.
Equipment tracking instantly locates where your assets are and how they’re being used during operation or after hours.
Whether you manage a fleet of trucks or heavy equipment, visibility is crucial to your success. Asset tracking software from GPS TrackIt offers consistent monitoring, reliable protection, and quick recovery of your assets.
The software saves you time and increases revenue with streamlined operations and accurate billing.

Smarter Fleet Management with Real-Time Asset Tracking

Real-time asset tracking monitors the physical assets that an organization owns either by scanning barcodes, QR code labels, or using technology Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Low Energy, Radio Frequency Identification (NFC, BLE, and RFID) to tag assets and broadcast their location.
Side note, you’ve seen these types of trackers on jeans at the mall or on electronics at big-box retailers.
Organizations need real-time asset tracking as it provides an overview of many operations occurring inside the premises of any business.
Real-time asset tracking is also available by mobile and web applications. It gives you answers to the following questions while saving you time and money.
– For basic information, where is the asset currently located in relation to its destination?
– For personnel, who is assigned to the asset, and are they reachable?
– For efficiencies, what is the current status – are things on-time, ahead-of-time, or running behind?
– For forecasting, how much time is it taking?
– For hyperlocal data, Is the asset inside or outside the premises?

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Asset Tracking for Loss Prevention

Businesses utilizing heavy equipment and construction equipment can use machine asset management software as a way to prevent theft or damage. By setting geofence boundaries, the software can help you know where your equipment is and if it is being used without authorization.

Heavy equipment tracking devices don’t just show you where your equipment is, they offer peace of mind by alerting dispatchers and managers to activity involving the devices.

Data-Rich Reporting

Real-time asset tracking can help you proactively support your business by providing you with robust information on your fleet all-in-one platform.

With GPS TrackIt’s asset tracking solution, reports arrive automatically, making it easier than ever to get the information you need about your fleet exactly when you need it. You can receive real-time temperature, speed, safety, and fuel monitoring reports — and all are easily customizable.

Data storage is unlimited with our records, which are kept safe so you can access the material at any time.

Asset Tracking Benefits & Cost Savings

Additionally, insurance costs and risks can be reduced by improving security and monitoring efforts.

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