For Mosquito Joe franchise operator Daniel Brown, information is power. The suburban New York City small business owner relies on field service management software from GPS Trackit to efficiently deploy his fleet of pest control trucks around Bergen, Essex, Passaic, and Morris counties in New Jersey—avoiding the traffic and bad weather can break his schedule and wreck his revenue.

As a mosquito control company, we spray liquids on the foliage of other people’s properties, and we can’t do that when it’s raining,” says Brown. “We’re actively working around the weather. Having an overlay that lets me know that a storm might be isolated or that I can move my crews farther south, north, east or west gives us the ability to be flexible.”

Having that information available at a glance is one of the key features of GPS Trackit’s field service management software platform,” says Jeff Alsop, GPS Trackit’s Solutions Architect. By giving fleet managers an all-encompassing view of where their trucks are in real-time, weather, traffic, and job priority information, it’s easier than ever to orchestrate a daily schedule with less waste and more profitability. “The number one thing field service management software can do is improve your dispatching,” says Alsop. “When you can communicate with your drivers, you can increase efficiency, and you can get more jobs done per day.”

GPS Trackit’s field service management software lets managers move their fleet vehicles like chess pieces. With a mobile app, drivers can see where they’re headed next, and communicate job status that lets dispatchers stay ahead of issues and make coverage decisions. The software can even handle traditional payroll duties like clocking in and out—letting small business owners avoid duplicating effort with a costly payroll management service like ADP. 

For clients like Mosquito Joe, it can mean thousands in savings on everything from fuel to wages. It’s not uncommon for a field service software customer to increase customer coverage by more than 20 percent per week with more efficient routing–and do it while driving fewer overall miles with the same number of trucks and crews.

That’s a real benefit for Brown, whose pest control crews visit more than 350 locations per day. More efficient routing means his trucks spend less time in the field, use less fuel and suffer less wear and tear. And because the software tracks and records his trucks’ routes, he can both give clients very specific time windows for when crews will arrive–so they can keep pets inside–and also provide detailed records for billing and customer questions. He can see more clients and offer great customer service. 

All of this is available for the cost of a cup of coffee per day per vehicle–an expense that the vast majority of GPS Trackit clients more than cover by fuel savings alone. To see how your fleet can run more efficiently, talk to a Fleet Advisor today and schedule a free, no-obligation demo