If you’re running a small home services business, you already know that time is money and that every efficiency counts. But how do you know when the time is right to invest in field service software?

Whether you’re fielding a crew of five plumbing trucks across town or 40 HVAC maintenance crews in a three-state area, here are some indicators that you should be monitoring—and ways a fleet telematics system for field service management can help. 

Increased Customer Demands 

As your customer base grows and their expectations evolve, you may find yourself struggling to manage more customers with fewer resources. If you’ve reached the point where it’s difficult to keep up with customer requests, it may be time to consider investing in a field service software package. Field service software like GPS Trackit helps you get a handle on where your vehicles and crews are in real-time. You’re able to make more efficient schedules and give customers more precise information about when your team will be visiting. That’s especially valuable when you’re running even a handful of trucks. The typical GPS Trackit client can increase the number of clients it sees by more than 20 percent with the same number of vehicles and crews.   

Tightened Operational Costs 

Fuel expenses and labor costs are rising—which means it’s more important than ever to keep a sharp eye on operational costs. Systems like GPS Trackit help you see how each truck and driver in your fleet is performing when it comes to efficiency. By monitoring metrics like fuel efficiency and time spent traveling to and completing jobs, you can encourage behaviors that save you money and keep your crews and vehicles safe. Simply monitoring fuel efficiency can save you up to 10 percent on fuel costs—which are often a field service business’ largest variable expense. 

Lack of Real-Time Data Analysis 

It’s important for businesses to have access to real-time data analysis so they can make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Otherwise, you’re just guessing or dealing with issues in emergency mode—which can often be expensive. GPS Trackit’s field service software platform gives fleet managers crucial real-time information at a glance on a single screen. That way, you can address small problems before they become large ones. One example? GPS Trackit’s platform gives you real-time information about a particular vehicle’s fuel economy. A rapid deterioration in that metric can be an indicator of a potential mechanical issue. With that information, you can deal with the issue when the truck is at home base—instead of potentially getting it towed when it’s on the way to a job. 

Your fleet management needs are specific to your business and situation, and GPS Trackit’s team of fleet advisors can build you a customized demo so you can see exactly how the dollars and cents shake out. Set up your appointment today