You’re working harder than ever before to grow your field service business. With the help of good fleet management software, you can work smarter, too.

With the fleet analytics a platform like GPS Trackit can provide, you can get the insights you need into the performance of your vehicles and crew when you need it—in real-time. With better information, you can make better, faster decisions. 

What is Fleet Analytics? 

Fleet analytics is a collection of organized data that comes from a fleet management software solution like GPS Trackit. The software gathers data from sensors installed in each vehicle, then uses both historical and predictive analysis to give you detailed insights into your operation. At a glance, you can tell not only where a given truck and crew are real-time, but also where they’ve been, how efficiently they’ve covered a given route and the overall mechanical health of the vehicle. Basic position tracking can be augmented with anything from 360-degree video to temperature sensing so you get a comprehensive look at each vehicle individually and as a group. 

Benefits of Fleet Analytics 

The obvious benefit of using fleet analytics is that it allows you to accurately track vehicle performance and driver behavior in real-time. With this data, you’ll be able to identify any problem areas quickly and take preventive action before they become major issues. For some clients, like Pennsylvania-based RG Tree, fleet analytics play an important part in helping maintain safety and compliance records required by various government agencies. 

Another example? If a driver is consistently running late or exceeding speed limits, a fleet management software solution will alert you so that you can address the situation before it affects customer satisfaction or puts employees at risk. Additionally, this type of data can help you determine when it makes sense to invest in new vehicles or upgrade existing ones, saving both time and money in the long run. 

Optimizing Performance with Fleet Analytics 

In addition to giving you an accurate view of how your fleet is performing, fleet analytics also provides insights into ways to optimize performance based on data gathered over time. For instance, the data gathered through fleet management software could reveal potential opportunities for optimizing routes and schedules for maximum efficiency or highlight areas where fuel consumption could be reduced without sacrificing service quality. Managers are also able to use collected data to train crews for better performance or resolve discrepancies between planned and actual routes taken by drivers in order to ensure they are following company policy while out on the road.  

Why GPS Trackit?

GPS Trackit is the industry leader in fleet management software solutions. From its cutting-edge, easy-to-use analytics dashboard to the available VidFleet artificial-intelligence-driven telematics platform, GPS Trackit builds customized packages for field service businesses in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, construction, and dozens of other specialties. Schedule a free demo with one of our Fleet Advisors today and see how you can save.