A vehicle is a major asset for most businesses and the loss of one can have a significant impact on the health of the company. If you are concerned about theft or abuse of your valuable assets, consider the benefits of a vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking System Asset Recovery Features

The first step in protecting assets is preventing theft in the first place, but when those measures fail, your vehicle tracking system can save the day.

  • Geofences – Your vehicle tracking system allows you to create custom geofences around any area. The geofence could be as small as the block your office is on, or as large as the county or state lines.
  • Alerts – After you have set up geofences, creating alerts to let you know when a vehicle leaves them will give you an early warning of possible theft. The sooner you know a vehicle has been stolen, the better your chances of recovering it intact.
  • Real-time mapping – When a vehicle is stolen, you have the power to watch while it travels so the authorities can trail it in real time. This feature helps speed up the asset recovery process and ensures that you can locate your vehicles even if they leave the state.
  • Mobile tracking – You don’t always have the convenience of being at your computer when a vehicle is stolen. When you receive an alert, you want to be able to act in on it, no matter where you are. A GPS system that allows you to track vehicles from your smartphone or tablet means you have control of your fleet at all times.

Asset Recovery Case Study

Landtech Field Services, a small Louisiana company that manages land surveying crews, saw first-hand just how valuable a vehicle tracking system can be. The business owner received an alert that a vehicle had left the geofence surrounding the home office. Even though he was in a different state at the time, he was able to track the vehicle in real-time on his smartphone, all the while telling the authorities where to go. The vehicle crossed three state lines before it was finally recovered.

Because the recovery happened so quickly, there was no damage to the vehicle and therefore no increase on insurance premiums. Without the help of their vehicle tracking system, it’s possible that this important asset may never have been recovered.

If you are concerned about vehicle theft, even for a small fleet, contact GPS Trackit to learn more about how to get a vehicle tracking system for your business.

Have you ever had a vehicle stolen? Was it ever recovered?