GPS Fleet TrackingAlthough GPS fleet tracking is often used to improve internal metrics such as fuel use and labor optimization, it can also be used to improve public-facing aspects of your business, including customer service. The ability to respond faster to customer calls, provide more accurate arrival times, and demonstrate performance is extremely valuable to certain types of businesses. Your GPS tracking system can help you improve in all of these areas.

GPS Fleet Tracking Features for Customer Service

Built-in GPS tracking features make it easy to improve customer service:

  • Landmarks – Create  for your most important customers so you can see at a glance which vehicles are closest and how often they have been visited.
  • Dispatch closest vehicle – Dispatchers can identify the closest vehicle with real-time mapping or just with one click. Sending the closest vehicle cuts down response times and saves you fuel at the same time.
  • Real-time mapping – When customers want to know when a vehicle will arrive, give them accurate information based on its actual location.
  • Detailed reporting – If a customer wants to know a vehicle’s history, you have all the data you need to provide an objective, accurate answer.
  • Accurate billing – Whether you bill based on mileage, time, or a combination of the two, your customers can be confident that they aren’t getting over-billed.

Happy customers become loyal, and loyal customers can help you grow your business through word-of-mouth and referrals. Since all of these features are included in your GPS tracking system, why wouldn’t you use them to improve customer service?

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Study

One business that has taken advantage of GPS fleet tracking features to improve customer service is SSA Security Group in Chatsworth, California. The company uses several methods to ensure that their customers have peace of mind:

  • Reports to customers show how often a vehicle visited and for how long
  • Speed information is included to demonstrate that the vehicle was traveling slowly enough to do a security check
  • Idling reports show that a vehicle parked outside the home and monitored activity

This clever use of GPS fleet tracking also gives the company an edge over their competition. The ability to report actual vehicle data to customers makes them stand out and demonstrates that the scheduled services are actually being performed.

GPSTrackIt is here to help you solve your customer service challenges and any other aspect of your business that can be improved with a GPS tracking solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.

How can your business benefit from better customer service through GPS fleet tracking?