GPS TrackingBeing successful in the services industry depends on many factors, one of which is a reliable workforce that uses time efficiently and helps protect your valuable assets. One of the challenges of managing employees in the services industry is that they frequently work independently in the field, which means you have limited control over their behavior.

GPS tracking can help solve many of the problems associated with managing a workforce in the services industry in four important ways.

  1. Improve Productivity with GPS Tracking

    Minimizing the time it takes employees to drive from site to site will allow you to serve more customers in a day. GPS tracking features such as smart routing and the ability to dispatch the closest vehicle mean that your drivers can spend more time with customers and less time on the road.

  2. Use GPS Tracking to Cut Wasted Labor

    Features that allow you to verify time sheets and confirm that drivers follow assigned routes will help reduce the costs associated with wasted labor. When employees waste time on the job, you are wasting money. A vehicle tracking system can help your business become more efficient and allows you to get the most from your overhead and payroll costs.

  3. Improve Driver Accountability

    Drivers in the field have a lot of freedom. This means that activities such as speeding, idling, and unauthorized stops can go unchecked unless you have a monitoring system in place. A GPS tracking system provides alerts and reports that allow you to monitor driver behavior so you can take corrective action. In many cases, simply having a system in place results in better driver accountability.

  4. Improve Driver Safety

    A vehicle tracking system can be used to ensure that drivers stay within the speed limit, use seat belts, and do not drive aggressively. Keeping your employees safe will help protect your valuable assets, reduce insurance costs, and increase the longevity of your fleet.

Implementing the technology that allows you to enforce policies will help you optimize your workforce and get more from your labor budget. Although you can’t physically be with every driver in the field looking over their shoulders, a GPS tracking system allows you to be there virtually. You can even monitor your fleet from your smart phone or tablet, so even when you’re in the field, you can keep an eye on your business.

GPSTrackIt provides tracking systems to all types of businesses within the services industry. Request a quote today to learn more about the many ways GPS can benefit you.

What challenges do you face with your workforce?