For many small businesses, one of the perceived drawbacks of GPS vehicle tracking is an investment in proprietary equipment that only serves one purpose. Some GPS tracking providers offer only this type of solution, which means that you and your drivers have yet another device to keep track of and maintain. A newly available and better solution allows you to use your GPS vehicle tracking system with the devices that you already own, no matter what platform they use.

The Driver Tablet Site: Multi-Platform GPS Vehicle Tracking

Small businesses have limited resources, so it makes sense to employ existing equipment whenever possible. Unfortunately, not all employees and business owners use the same operating systems, even within the same company. This can cause problems with software compatibility and make it difficult for all personnel to use the same applications. This is one of the reasons the multi-platform Driver tabl et site was created. Managers and drivers can use the devices that they already have (smart phones, tablets, laptops, or office computers) to track and dispatch vehicles from anywhere.

Some of the benefits of selecting a multi-platform GPS vehicle tracking solution include:

  • User adoption – Adopting a new system is always challenging, but it can be even more difficult if employees have to learn how to use a new device or navigate a new operating system. Adding GPS tracking capabilities to the devices they already use every day makes the transition process much more efficient.
  • Less resource investment – If your drivers already use smart phones or tablets, there is no reason to purchase a new device that will be dedicated to GPS vehicle tracking. Simply install the application for Apple or Android and you’ll have access to real-time mapping and all the other features you need.
  • Less equipment to manage – New devices are not just expensive to purchase, they also have to be maintained and protected from loss or theft.
  • Business versatility – Adding GPS vehicle tracking capability to your smart phones and tablets will allow you to have all the mobile business tools you need in one device. In addition to vehicle tracking, you can also use third-party apps for payment processing, managing documents, and much more. A dedicated device with GPS software doesn’t offer this level of flexibility.

GPSTrackit is committed to serving the GPS vehicle tracking needs of all types of small businesses. Whether you use Apple, Android, laptops, tablets, or smart phones, we have a solution for you. View our free online demos to learn more about the robust features that can change the way you do business.

What types of devices do you use for business? How would you benefit from adding GPS vehicle tracking capability to them?