GPS TrackingOne of the many benefits of GPS tracking is the ability to protect your company’s valuable assets. You have invested a lot of time and money into your business and you want to be sure that your vehicles, personnel, and other equipment are protected. Features like real-time mapping and two-way driver communication are great for everyday operations, but you can also use your GPS tracking system to prevent vehicle misuse or other activities that could cost you.

How to Use GPS Tracking to Protect Company Assets

  1. Monitor bad driving behavior – Hard braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding put your vehicles at risk both in the short and long term. Protect your fleet by monitoring these undesirable behaviors and increasing driver accountability.
  2. Fuel card integration – Do you issue company credit cards so drivers can purchase gas while in the field? Are you confident that they are only fueling up your business vehicles? A GPS tracking system with fuel card integration allows you to confirm that the card was used with one of your vehicles and at an approved location.
  3. Locate mobile devices – If you use smart phones and tablets to help manage your fleet, these valuable assets should be protected. Look for a GPS tracking system that also allows you to locate mobile devices if they get lost or stolen. You can also use this feature to confirm that drivers are with their vehicles and not using your devices for personal reasons.
  4. Monitor PTO events – PTO monitoring with built-in alerts lets you know if your equipment is being used when it should not be. You can also watch for red flags such as under-use to determine whether workers are doing their jobs onsite.
  5. Provide better service – One of your most valuable assets is your reputation. The happier your current customers are, the more referrals and positive feedback you will get. GPS tracking enables you to make accurate estimates of arrival and departure times. You can also create more accurate billing reports so your customers can be confident that they are paying for the service they received.

Whether you want to prevent misuse of vehicles, keep an eye on driver behavior, or ensure that your customers get the best possible service, GPSTrackIt is here to help you. We have fleet GPS solutions for every type of industry, and our collaborative sales process ensures that you get all the extra features you need and none of the ones you don’t. Request a quote today to get started.

What company assets are most important to you? What are you doing to protect them?