With a fleet tracking system like GPS Trackit, even the basics are going to help you dramatically improve your efficiency and profitability.

We’re going to examine some simple ways to get the most out of your investment. With help from our experienced team of Fleet Advisors, GPS Trackit clients are using strategies like these every day to reduce running costs, improve route efficiency and increase driver and vehicle safety. Let’s take a look. 


Generate Maximum Visibility  

With real-time data on vehicle and asset location, movement, and performance metrics, you can gain better insight into how your company is really running. This insight can help you identify areas for improvement and fix small problems before they become big ones. The simple and powerful dashboard tools help direct a deeper understanding of vehicle activity so that you can pinpoint opportunities for cost savings or increased efficiency. One GPS Trackit client used the data to improve routing efficiency by more than 20%, all with the same number of trucks and drivers.  


Use the Full Feature Stack 

GPS Trackit’s Marketplace offers many convenient, low-cost plug-ins that work directly with your fleet tracking system to offer even more benefits. A maintenance module allows you to easily track when vehicles need servicing or repairs. Other features may include driver scorecards that allow you to measure performance based on key metrics such as speed and acceleration or alerts that notify you if a vehicle deviates from its route or enters a restricted area. By utilizing these features you can ensure that your vehicles are running optimally at all times. 


Training & Support Services 

GPS Trackit offers a full suite of guided and on-demand tutorials on how to get up-to-speed quickly without having to spend hours researching on your own. Years of experience with other clients have provided us with a depth of knowledge about best practices that you can immediately apply to your business. Plus, our experienced Fleet Advisors are always just a click away for any help you might need. 

For more information, contact a Fleet Advisor today, check out our Knowledge Base for in-depth answers to your FAQs, or visit the GPS Trackit Marketplace and explore some of the expanded solutions available there.