Coming up with the best strategies to serve your customers is hard enough. Why make some of the simpler tasks—like fleet vehicle maintenance—harder than they need to be?

With the maintenance modules built into GPS Trackit’s fleet management system, you can stay on top of the maintenance that will keep your trucks on the road. And if they do go down? Preventative maintenance and vehicle performance tracking mean they’ll be down for a shorter period of time. Here are four ways that the GPS trackit Maintenance Module can save you money:

1. Catch Small Problems Before They Get Large

GPS Trackit’s maintenance module makes fleet vehicle maintenance easy because it helps direct your attention. By connecting with your truck’s engine management system, it shows you engine performance data that can anticipate a costly repair. Poor fuel economy can be the result of an engine that needs service, tire inflation issues, or other service items that need attention. And by tracking vehicle maintenance fleet-wide, you can take corrective action before these issues become expensive problems. 

2. Minimize Downtime

Downtime is expensive, and by keeping track of your fleet vehicle maintenance, you can plan downtime so it is less disruptive, less expensive, and less extensive. Handling preventative maintenance and small repairs during regular hours saves you from paying the “crisis tax” on an emergency or last-minute fixes. Plus, with a plan, you can make sure your most talented techs are working on the highest-priority repairs. 

 3. Save on Fuel Costs

Simply keeping better track of fluid, filter, and tire pressure maintenance can save fleets 10 percent on fuel costs—a figure that often more than pays for fleet management software by itself. Telematics-based fleet vehicle maintenance systems can also help predict the need for tire replacement. Newer tires offer less rolling resistance, which also improves fuel economy. Better fuel economy means lower fleet fuel expenditures. 

4. Increase the Lifespan of Your Vehicles

A dedicated preventative maintenance program can increase the effective life of a fleet vehicle by more than 100,000 miles. A new work truck can cost more than $80,000. Getting another year or two out of the vehicles in your existing fleet can dramatically change your profitability math.

To see how maintenance modules can work for your fleet, schedule a free demo with one of our expert Fleet Advisors today.

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