If you’re a fleet operator, you’re painfully aware of how expensive insurance can be. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce those costs without sacrificing coverage—by installing dash cameras. Dash cams are becoming increasingly commonplace in commercial fleets due to the cost savings they create and the improved safety they provide. Let’s talk about how you can qualify for a dash cam insurance discount.

What is a Dash Cam System?

A dash camera (or “dash cam”) is an onboard recording device that captures audio and video data from inside the cab of your vehicle. By tracking driver behavior and capturing visual evidence of any incidents on the road, these devices can help protect fleets from liability claims and give drivers peace of mind should an accident occur. They know they’re protected from being falsely accused of a collision they didn’t cause.

Collectively, dash cameras also provide valuable data about your fleet’s operations. Through driver scorecards—which track metrics such as hard braking or acceleration—fleet managers can gain insight into their drivers’ habits and coach them on safer driving techniques if needed. This helps improve safety while reducing costly traffic violations and accident claims.

How Does A Dash Camera Qualify You For An Insurance Discount?

Insurance companies are beginning to recognize the value of having dash cameras installed in commercial vehicles when evaluating risk levels for fleets. Systems like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet use both video and AI-driven pattern recognition to warn drivers about potentially distracted behavior. Identifying risky behaviors before they lead to severe incidents on the road helps reduce the possibility of claims due to accidents or citations resulting from poor driving habits. The insight they provide can be the backbone of a driver safety program that also serves as an indicator for insurance providers that you’re serious about reducing adverse incidents. Some insurers may offer discounts for fleets with dash cameras installed, so be sure to ask your agent about this option when shopping for coverage.

How Much Can You Save?

Many insurance providers offer a five percent discount for fleets using dash cams. Some will even cover the cost of installing the system. For a 20-truck fleet, that can mean more than a thousand dollars in discounts. Those cost savings piggyback onto the ones that come from reducing the frequency of accidents and moving violations. GPS Trackit clients see an average of 40 percent discount in their accident costs. They have fewer claims, are spending less to fix vehicles, and aren’t spending as much to settle accident claims in court.

The evidence speaks for itself. Often, a good dash cam system is better than a good lawyer! To see just how much you can save, set up a free consultation with a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor today and get a customized demo.