For truckers in the Northeast, it will come as no surprise that I-95 in Fort Lee has once again given New Jersey the dubious distinction of having the worst traffic bottlenecks in the nation. It’s the fourth year in a row a New Jersey location has earned that “honor” which makes the Garden State one of the most difficult for fleet operators to navigate.

But with some shrewd planning—and GPS-based technology—fleet managers can not only help their Northeast truckers plot more efficient routes but also encourage behaviors that make any backups they do encounter less damaging to the bottom line.

Truckers In The Northeast
Truckers In The Northeast. Industrial blue bonnet semi-truck for long haul delivery commercial cargo going with refrigerator semi-trailer with forest and meadows on the sides

GPS Fleet Management Systems

With GPS Trackit’s fleet management system, operators can overlay their own routes and current vehicle positions onto a traffic-enabled Google map. Building routes that use different roads or different times to avoid bottlenecks can happen with a glance and a click. And when unanticipated problems arise, the two-way communication feature on the platform lets managers direct their Northeast truckers quickly and safely around the trouble.

Northeast truckers Reduce Fuel Consumption

Operators can also encourage driver behavior that increases fuel economy and reduces wear-and-tear on vehicles. When truckers in the Northeast avoid hard acceleration and heavy braking, they can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent. A vehicle that can carry 300 gallons of diesel costs upwards of $6 per gallon. That can result in thousands of dollars in savings over a year, plus extended life on consumables like brakes, oil, and tires.

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