Even before the pandemic-related disruptions of the last two years, fleet managers faced a challenging set of market factors—driver shortages, fuel cost increases, and increasingly complex supply chains in Arkansas.

Now, the largest shipping and logistics companies like J.B. Hunt are calling for a much more integrated network—”connected ecosystems” where managers have the real-time ability to see the when, where, and what about not just their own fleets but where their shipments fit in the entire chain.

For many operators, the first step toward plugging into this transport ecosystem is using a fleet telematics solution from a provider like GPS Trackit. With geolocating hardware installed in each truck and an easy-to-use software platform providing at-a-glance tracking and analysis, a fleet manager using GPS Trackit’s solution knows the what, where, and when for each vehicle—and, more importantly, can use that real-time data to predict, avoid and quickly resolve problems.

According to JB Hunt Chief Commercial Officer Shelley Simpson, drivers often lose a third of their workday to unproductive activities like waiting for cargo loading and unloading. Couple that with efficiency losses from mismatched load and capacity and the fuel burned idling and it’s easy to see how better information can lead directly to the bottom line.

Supply Chains In Arkansas

With fewer available drivers, record fuel prices, and unprecedented strains on the Arkansas supply chains, fleet managers need actionable, real-time data that can help keep trucks running safely, efficiently, and at peak capacity. With GPS Trackit, clients are recovering thousands of dollars per year, per vehicle in wasted fuel costs, lower insurance premiums, and less vehicle downtime for maintenance and accident repair. For example, comprehensively tracking and scheduling preventative maintenance like tire pressure, oil, and spark plug life can increase fuel economy by up to 10 percent fleet-wide, while using a GPS-driven route optimization solution can increase productivity by 25 percent per truck. Both are integrated into the GPS Trackit fleet management platform.

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