Fuel costs rose once again to record highs in late spring, eclipsing $4.50 per gallon nationwide. Any organization that relies on fuel is susceptible to that pain—and that includes school districts and their bus fleets. Georgia public schools were forced to go to remote learning days to save diesel fuel and cash, and a Florida district saw its fuel expenditures rise as much as 40 percent in a matter of months because of just-in-time purchasing policies.

Georgia Public Schools bus fleet fuel costs
Georgia Public Schools bus fleet

Fuel Cost Savings

But whether you’re managing a fleet of 630 buses like the Osceola (Fla) district, Georgia Public Schools, or a small collection of local delivery trucks, better data is collected through inexpensive and easy-to-install GPS-based systems like those produced by GPS Trackit can help fight cost and waste. For just a few dollars per day per vehicle, GPS Trackit’s Fleet Management tool can give you real-time information about the efficiency of every vehicle that’s on the road for you—from route to speed to idle time. Simply cutting idling time by 20 minutes per day saves more than $800 in diesel costs per year per vehicle—and implementing driver training programs to encourage more conservative acceleration and braking patterns can increase fuel economy by up to 40 percent.


GPS Trackit clients also see significant savings on their insurance premiums because of the GPS monitors’ ability to record and verify driver behavior. Drivers drive more carefully, get in fewer accidents, and have better protection from false claims from other drivers.

Heat presents a demanding climate for fleet operators in the South, which makes a full suite of monitorable vehicle diagnostics and critical tool. Managers can track vehicle performance and perform preventative maintenance—which reduces the time vehicles are out of service. And all the data is aggregated in an at-a-glance display that shows you exactly where your attention needs to be. To get a free demonstration from a GPS Trackit representative, click here.