Your GPS tracking system is a valuable tool for office-based dispatchers, management, and administration staff, but what if you need to manage your fleet from the field? Using a fleet management app for your smart phone allows you to take control of your vehicles, even if you are driving one yourself.

There are a lot of ways you can use your smart phone with a GPS tracking system; here are just ten examples:

  1. Track driver behavior – Quickly view the activities of any driver in your fleet, including all stops, idling time, speeding, and any other activity.
  2. Follow vehicle trails – Want to see where one of your vehicles has been in the last day or week? Use the vehicle trails feature to see all the stops on a map.
  3. Run and send reports – Sometimes you may need a little more detail, or want to get a bigger picture of historical activity. Simply run a report for any time period you choose and view it on your smart phone or send it to any email address.
  4. Find the nearest vehicle – Identify which vehicle in your fleet is closest to an address or another vehicle. This feature helps you reduce driver down time and optimize your labor costs.
  5. Find the nearest landmark – Find out which vehicle is closest to a landmark so you can quickly dispatch them and select the most efficient route.
  6. Get directions – After you have identified the closest vehicle or landmark, get directions and send them to the driver. You can also enter addresses or landmarks to find the recommended route between any two locations.
  7. Create and manage alerts – Using alerts can help you stay on top of fleet management. Create alerts for vehicle activity such as stops, idling, or speeding. You can also create alerts based on landmarks or geofences so you know when a driver has arrived or departed a specific location. Equipment alerts can also let you know when batteries need to be replaced, antenna power is low, or when other malfunctions occur.
  8. View your fleet in real time – Get a snapshot view of the location of all your vehicles in a standard, satellite, or hybrid map view.
  9. Add maintenance reminders – Don’t want to forget to schedule the next oil change? Set up a maintenance reminder from the field.
  10. Sync with other devices – Your GPS tracking system is just that: a system. In order to function properly, all components of the system have to be in sync. Whenever you add an alert, maintenance reminder, or new contact, the data is synced across all of your devices, so you can be sure that every staff member that uses the system has the same information.

GPSTrackIt provides a free fleet management app to go with your GPS tracking system. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or even a tablet, we have a mobile fleet management solution for you. Download the free app today to get even more freedom and control of your fleet.

How would you use your smart phone with a GPS tracking system?