Many small businesses think that a GPS tracking system is too costly or not necessary because they don’t have hundreds of vehicles. Even a business with just a few vehicles can benefit from fleet GPS, especially when you consider how it can help you differentiate your business from the competition. Do you think a potential customer is more likely to choose the company that might arrive within a four-hour window or the one that can guarantee service at a specific time because the daily route has been planned in advance?

Consider the many ways a GPS tracking system can help you gain more customers:

  • Faster service – A business with fleet tracking has the ability to instantly dispatch the closest vehicle. This means that your customers benefit from the fastest possible service. You can also set alerts to let your customer service team know when a vehicle enters or leave a landmark or geofence. They can then call your customer to let them know a more accurate estimated arrival time.
  • More accurate billing – If your billing depends on drive times and/or time spent at a specific site, GPS tracking allows you to access detailed activity reports so you know exactly how much time a driver spent on a particular customer. This not only means a faster billing cycle and better cash flow for you, but it also provides peace of mind for your customers. They can be confident that they are getting accurate bills every time.
  • Better pricing – A GPS tracking system will save you money, making it possible to pass those savings on to your customers. You will get the benefits of lower fuel costs, better labor management, fewer speeding tickets, lower insurance rates, and more predictable maintenance costs.
  • Responsible drivers – GPS tracking naturally promotes driver accountability, which means that your customers can be confident that their goods are being transferred at a safe speed. Drivers are also more likely to take the most efficient route, reduce idling time, and not use your vehicles inappropriately, which all translates to better service for your customers.

Get started with GPS Trackit to make your business stand out from the competition. No matter how big or small your fleet is, we can help you save time and money with a GPS tracking system. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today to learn more, or schedule a free live demo to see all of the features in action.

How would you use a GPS tracking system to differentiate your business from the competition?