One of the main reasons to use vehicle tracking is to help you save money, but this is not the only benefit of fleet GPS. You can also reduce your environmental footprint and get a greener fleet. Even if these environmental benefits are not a priority for your business, they also translate to more savings and better branding opportunities. Some customers make purchasing decisions based on how green a business is. Vehicle tracking allows you to provide better service and present a truly green image.

Consider these four ways that vehicle tracking can help you get a greener fleet:

  1. Cut down idling time – Idling consumes fuel and a lot of it. Monitoring the idling activity of every vehicle in your fleet can help you modify driver behavior or select more efficient routes to reduce idling time.
  2. Reduce speeding – Driving over 60 miles per hour reduces gas mileage, and the faster your drivers go, the less efficient the vehicle becomes. Monitor speeding activity by creating alerts or running speed reports. Your drivers will become more aware of their actions and you will benefit from better fuel mileage.
  3. Drive fewer miles – The less you drive, the less fuel you consume. Green routing helps you select the most efficient routes to reduce stops, idling, and mileage. Your dispatchers can also use features like real-time mapping or landmarks to identify the closest vehicle, allowing you to cut down on mileage across the entire fleet.
  4. Go mobile – Mobile fleet management cuts down on the resources required for managers to get to and from the office. If you can dispatch your fleet, set alerts, and run reports from your smartphone, you don’t have to make a special trip to the office just to do these important tasks. Because mobile fleet management solutions sync with the entire fleet GPS system in the cloud, any changes you make from your smartphone are automatically updated for all other users and devices.

Reducing fuel consumption and mileage naturally reduces your carbon footprint and your fleet’s contribution to air pollution. Of course, all of these green fleet benefits also reduce your costs.

Vehicle tracking with GPS Trackit comes with many features and benefits. View our demo videos to see all the ways that a GPS tracking system can help you get a greener fleet and save green at the same time. Want to see how much you could reduce fuel costs by getting a greener fleet? Use our savings calculator to see how much money you could save.

Which benefits of vehicle tracking are most important to your business?