What are the Dashcam Benefits for Delivery Drivers?

Nobody’s really that interested in spying on you through your dashcam. But any delivery business owner or fleet manager will see the value in dashcams from the standpoint of safety, liability, and accountability. 

In short, keep on truckin’ and don’t worry about a leaked video of you singing Bohemian Rhapsody behind the wheel of your delivery van while you’re sitting in traffic! But just in case you’re not convinced, read on to learn why dashcams really are in your best interest as a driver.

Real-Time Delivery Driver Alerts: Staying Safer on the Roads

Dashcams can alert you to hazardous road qualities, your speed, red-light cameras, and other problems in real-time. In addition to audible alerts, clear visual warnings are also displayed. So consider how safe you’ll be if you reach your targets: on-time and intact. If an extra warning helps you avoid an accident or a traffic violation, it’s more than worth the added hardware.

Working Smarter With the Latest in Dash Cam Technology

Think about this: you’re on a break at a service station and someone hits your parked truck. Are you on the hook for this? What if your dashcam caught it on camera with enough detail to prove beyond a doubt that you did nothing wrong?

What if someone hits your parked delivery van, skids into you while changing lanes, or you get pulled over for a violation you didn’t commit? With advanced smart cameras like the GPS Trackit VidFleet dashcam, you have all the video proof you need to speed up a claim and clear your driving record.

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to a Fleet Advisor today.

People In Truck Crashes Lie!

Sometimes crashes happen and we do not immediately know what caused them. Drivers can easily lie and say that they did not cause the crash when really they did. Dashcams can show what really happened and protect you from people who lie about their involvement in a crash or who instigate an accident to commit fraud. Think about the fact that in 80% of truck crashes, it’s the passenger vehicle at fault.

Truck Crash Fraud Affects Delivery Drivers Personally And Professionally

Your delivery business is a target for criminals trying to get money from your commercial auto insurance. They have staged crashes and then said that the car damage is worse than it really was. This costs 14% of all personal auto premiums in America.

If you get in a traffic accident and someone falsely says that your delivery truck caused the accident, or if someone says they were really hurt and you know they weren’t, your dashboard camera may show what happened and who is telling the truth. This can help to avoid higher insurance rates or worse.

Insurance fraud isn’t always planned in advance. Whether they blew through a stop sign, collided with you while changing lanes, or ran over your parked vehicle, drivers at fault aren’t always eager to accept responsibility. They may flee the scene or provide you with false insurance coverage information. And unless there is video evidence of the incident, it’s all up to he-said, she-said.

But What About Delivery Drivers Privacy?

A recent Guardian article details the sheer amount of data Google and Facebook collect on their users. Long story short, every interaction we make digitally leaves a digital footprint. The amount of data companies already have on you is staggering. So for those who argue against dashcams for the sake of privacy, think about this: the fleet tracking hardware already detects the location and other metrics pulled from the vehicle. The dashcam doesn’t really collect that much extra “data”. Think of it as an additional layer of security and convenience tantamount to lane correction technology or reverse cameras. It’s about staying safe and protected on the road, not snooping on your driving on each delivery route.

If you’re a driver, read a bit more here about the fact that most crashes happen because of distracted driving and because of passenger vehicles. If you’re a delivery fleet owner or a fleet manager who wants to focus on getting their drivers onboard with AI dashcams, we’d be happy to speak with you about the solutions here at GPS Trackit. Some companies supplying dashcams to fleets are reporting device shortages. GPS Trackit is not among them. GPS Trackit currently has VidFleet dashcams ready.  GPS Trackit also has a full supply of fleet tracking devices ready for installation.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.

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