Whether you’re managing six trucks or 60, a simple update to your in-vehicle technology can produce a positive return on investment in less than 30 days. Dashcams for fleet service businesses make good financial sense. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can bank that savings potential.  

Reduce Distracted Driving

Dashcam systems like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet incorporate both a road-view and driver-view camera to see situations outside the truck and how a driver is responding to them. GPS Trackit’s system uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to map a driver’s behavior and recognize when they could be distracted—and provide an audible warning. Organizations that implement dashcam systems can see as much as a 60 percent reduction in the number of distracted driving incidents, and the average severity of those incidents is reduced as well. 

Protect Against Fraud

The unfortunate truth? Fraudulent accident claims have been on the rise for almost ten years. Other drivers see a well-maintained work truck and figure they might be able to squeeze an accident settlement out of a busy operator who wants to avoid a hassle and get back to work. Whether it’s proving what really happened–or didn’t happen–or documenting theft or other suspicious activity around the truck, dashcams work as both documentation and deterrence when it comes to fraud.  

Reduce Insurance Expenses

What goes hand in hand with reducing fraud claims? Insurance carriers prefer to work with organizations that have fleet-wide dashcams. The presence of a video monitoring system reduces incidents—and where there is an incident, the existence of video footage streamlines the claims process. Fleets with dashcams can see insurance premium savings of up to 10 percent—and experience incident costs 50 percent less than those fleets that don’t use dashcams. 

Improve Operating Efficiency

Using a GPS-enabled fleet monitoring system gives managers the ability to see exactly where trucks are at a given time, plan better routes, and monitor metrics like average fuel efficiency and aggressive driving through the systems’ interface with each truck’s engine diagnostics. All of those things reduce a fleet’s fuel consumption—one of the main variable expenses lawn service, pool service or plumbing service operator experiences. Another considerable advantage? Dashcams and fleet management systems for field service businesses give managers instant notification about situations that require their attention, like aggressive driving, leaving the assigned service area, or getting into a collision. With more information—and more timely information—managers have the ability to make better decisions.  

Improve Driver Training

Tracking negative driver behavior is great, but it’s just one-half of the equation. The best field service companies use dashcam technology to train and incentivize drivers to operate safely and efficiently. One pool service organization manager publishes a weekly scoreboard of her crews’ safety and efficiency scores and encourages them to compete to move up the rankings. Drivers win in the form of performance bonuses, and the business wins with net cost savings, fewer incidents, and less wear and tear on vehicles. 

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