Although it’s important to operate efficiently and reduce the amount of time it takes to get from one customer to the next, speeding is not the best way to accomplish this. GPS fleet tracking provides multiple features to help combat this unsafe driver behavior. In fact, service companies can significantly reduce the incidence of accidents simply by implementing a vehicle tracking system.

One of the reasons that speeding is so important to control is because higher speeds require longer braking distances. The U.S. Department of Energy has shown that the distance required to stop from 70 mph is 63% longer than that required from 50 mph. The likelihood of an accident goes up as driving speeds increase.

If you have drivers who tend to go above the speed limit, stop this behavior as soon as possible to prevent accidents, lengthen the life of your vehicles, and protect your company’s reputation.

Use Your Vehicle Tracking System to Monitor Speeding

You can’t keep an eye on every vehicle and every driver at all times, but your vehicle tracking system can. Use these integrated features to help you slow down lead-footed drivers:

  • Speeding reports – Use weekly, monthly, or quarterly detailed reports to identify drivers with a tendency to go over the speed limit.
  • Speeding alerts – If you know which drivers have a lead foot, set up speeding alerts to let you know when they go over a certain speed. You can act immediately to stop this behavior before it becomes a larger problem.
  • Hard acceleration monitoring – While driving at high speeds certainly comes with risks, rapid acceleration is also a potential safety issue and a sign of aggressive driving.
  • Driver analytics – Get a snapshot view of driver behavior over time with driver analytics. Use this feature to identify both positive and negative trends, and to compare drivers or groups.

In addition to monitoring speeds, you can also create reports and alerts for hard braking, seat belt use, idling, and many other driver behaviors that you might want to manage. The more you know about your fleet, the better you will be able to make changes that help you save money and boost profits.

GPS Trackit can help you implement a vehicle tracking system that will keep drivers safe, protect your vehicles, and improve your overall fleet management. Schedule a  free demo today to see all the features that can help you save time and money.

How do you currently monitor speeding in your fleet?