GPS Tracking Reduces AccidentsUnfortunately, accidents are a reality that every fleet manager has to deal with at some point. Even the smallest collision costs time and money, and major accidents can have even more devastating results. Using your GPS tracking system to reduce accidents can help you maintain profits and protect your employees.

Three Ways to Use GPS Tracking to Reduce Accidents

  1. Reduce hard braking – Rapid deceleration greatly increases the chance of being rear-ended, and causes greater wear and tear on vehicles. It can also be an indicator of an accident that was avoided. Create alerts or run reports to let you know when drivers brake hard.
  2. Reduce hard acceleration – Fast take-offs or sudden increases in speed can be signs of erratic driving that can potentially lead to an accident. This driver behavior can also impact your company’s reputation.
  3. Reduce speeding – Run reports to identify employees who regularly drive over a specific speed threshold. You can also create email or text alerts to notify you when a drive goes over a certain speed limit.

All of these driver behaviors are signs of aggressive driving. Monitoring this type of behavior increases driver accountability and encourages safer driving.

Your GPS tracking system can also alert you in the event of a sudden stop or impact. In this case, dispatchers can quickly notify the appropriate authorities. Two other important safety features can also be used to lessen the impact of accidents when they do happen:

  1. Seat belt alerts – The Centers for Disease Control have stated that seat belt usage significantly reduces the risk of death and serious injury. If your GPS tracking system has seat belt alerts, you can enforce your safety policy and keep your drivers safer if they are in a collision. The U.S. DOT has also shown that safety belt use dramatically reduces the cost of accidents in many cases.
  2. Instant alert button – Give your drivers the ability to instantly notify managers or dispatchers if there is an emergency. With the click of a button, drivers can send an emergency alert via the GPS system, even if they are not in the vehicle.

By using your GPS tracking system accident prevention, you protect both your employees and your valuable assets. GPSTrackIt can help you implement all of these important safety solutions and many more money-saving features. Request a quote today to learn more about how GPS tracking can help protect your assets and keep your employees safe.

What safety protocols could your company enforce with a GPS system?