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Resale Basics 101

In a perfect (fleet) world, a vehicle’s value would remain the same throughout its service life, despite its actual condition when it comes time for replacement. In reality, however, ensuring units retain a percentage value of their original worth is just another aspect of the job for a fleet manager. Read Full Story:

9 Steps to Online Remarketing Success

When posting a Vehicle for resale online, consider these tips, courtesy of various remarketing professionals. Read Full Story:

3 Options for Selling Cars Online

As economic conditions have worsened, business owners and fleet managers have been looking for new ways to cut costs. There are three different ways small fleet managers can meet that objective: online auctions, fleet remarketing specialists and Craigslist. The first two solutions reduce the days to sale and expenses associated with selling out-of-service vehicles. The third offers a simple interface and a retail-level transaction. All three are part of an online remarketing revolution that is changing how we buy and sell vehicles. Read Full Story:

The Emerging Trend of Simultaneous Remarketing on Multiple Online Platforms

Today, when you electronically buy an airline ticket, you do so through an electronic hub, such as Egencia or Travelocity. When realtors electronically list homes for sale, they use a multiple listing service for all other realtors to see the property listing. Many see comparable change occurring for the remarketing of vehicles in the wholesale market. Read Full Story: