The holiday season is fast approaching, one of the most magical (and stressful) times of the year, for both celebrants and those who deliver the holiday bounty. Whether dealing with frozen roads, misplaced packages, or disgruntled patrons, you need your delivery business to be in top form to fulfill its obligations.

Here are 3 ways GPS telematics can improve your postal delivery service, just in time for the holidays.

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1. Proactively Address Road Conditions, Winter Weather and Accidents


Winter weather, as we know, can change in an instant; and this uncertainty can be the bane of the transportation industry. Nothing causes quite as many delays as a dreaded winter storm, but those companies with GPS capabilities are better equipped against it.

One of the greatest benefits of GPS telematics is alternative route planning. If an accident occurs on the freeway, or if weather conditions change while your vehicles are out on the road, your dispatchers can tell your drivers which streets to avoids. Their ‘bird’s eye view’ on all road conditions, in real-time,  gives them the advantage and ability to determine a better route. 

This critical information is key to ensuring that your deliveries arrive at their destinations safely and on time. With this type of information, your team is no longer merely reacting to the setbacks as they find themselves in the midst of them. Instead, they are equipped to proactively divert delays, saving you money and stress! 

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2. Save Time and Money with Mechanical Failure Assistance

Say one of your large delivery trucks, filled with all the last minute goodies for the holidays, breaks down on the side of the road en route to your awaiting customers.

A GPS unit can notify your fleet managers precisely when a truck stops moving along its intended route. This instant information allows them to assess the issue, and rapidly send assistance.

This is imperative in a case where they may be delivering packages to a remote location and cell service isn’t guaranteed. Even in an urban setting, winter weather can contribute to poor reception. Or perhaps your driver’s phone is dead and they forgot to bring a charger with them. The possibilities for something to go wrong by solely relying on cell phones are numerous.

The good news is GPS devices don’t require cell service to function properly.  You can rest assured that you know what’s going on at all times. No matter where your drivers are located.  

In a situation like this, for the safety of the driver and the productivity of your company, it’s important to have a reliable safety feature as time is of the essence!

Preventative Maintenance 

As a preventative measure, some modern GPS units are able to track a vehicle’s maintenance schedule and send alerts of what needs to be done and when.

It compiles the information of when the last round of maintenance occurred on each vehicle in the fleet, warning you ahead of time of potential mechanical issues. You won’t be forced to shell out cash to cover an emergency or ‘breakdown’ repair.

This type of tracking saves you time, mental energy, and paper! You no longer need to manually keep track of your fleet’s maintenance records. Simply wait for the system to alert you! 

Preventative maintenance is making sure your equipment is operating efficiently as it should at all times.  This proactive care enables you to address minor problems before they become a major problem.

Why is this so important? It all comes down to your bottom line. Preventative maintenance is less expensive because the cost of a breakdown repair goes beyond the repair’s labor and materials.

A breakdown is unexpected, usually inconvenient, and can cause production to stop. For every minute that production stops, the company is losing money. It may miss deadlines or deliveries, which impacts the rest of the supply chain. This can increase the risk of creating unhappy customers and therefore losing them down the line.

That benefit alone can recover the cost of the GPS unit.

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3. Improve Your Customer Service With GPS Tracking

Mail delivery drivers are the heroes of the cold winter months, there’s no doubt about it. They suffer through the worst of the winter weather to bring the eagerly awaiting customers their mail. 

These drivers already provide your customers with a great service just by coming to work. With the use of a GPS tracking system, your business can brighten up the holiday season even more.

Nowadays, most delivery services offer online tracking that shows when the truck is out for delivery or the day the package is expected to arrive. However, this information isn’t precise nor does it give the customer much detail. 

Also, for those patrons who are not computer savvy, this could be a hindrance more than a help. To have a leg up on the competition, it’s imperative for your business to be equipped to meet the needs of all its customers.

Benefits of a Dispatch Feature

With GPS equipped vehicles in your fleet, patrons can call their local office and ask a customer service representative for assistance. Through the dispatch feature of your software, your team can provide detailed information about their package, including an exact location of the truck and precise arrival time.

Imagine a frantic parent calls the night before a major gift-giving holiday, asking for the location of a special package. Your dispatchers can save the day and track down the package with a click of a button. The customer won’t be left wondering if the online tracking information is right, they’ll know for sure!

Even in the age of technology, there’s something more reassuring about hearing this information from a friendly customer service representative than reading it online. This human element adds so much value to your service and brand. Your customers are more inclined to be loyal if they can connect with you. 

Knowing the exact location in real-time of each vehicle in your fleet can vastly improve your reliability, which edifies your reputation as a business, and ensures customer satisfaction.

It’s marvelous that this location tracking technology has found its way into mainstream use by delivery services across the country. Especially during the holiday rush, when GPS Telematics improves service by making sure packages get to their destinations efficiently and safely. Relieving at least SOME of the traditional holiday stress.