Last year you heard the inside story of Christmas Eve 2013 and its harrowing near-crisis that inspired Santa Claus to have his sleigh fitted with a GPS tracking system. Thanks to a GPS Trackit fleet management solution that is tops in the industry, all the good little boys and girls received their gifts on time and without incident in 2014.

Now Santa’s only question is why he didn’t have GPS tracking installed sooner! The GPS Trackit system is chock-full of features that make Santa’s journey much easier for him and the elves.

Real-Time Tracking

When Santa is out on his annual rounds, the elves back at the North Pole no longer have to wonder if he’s on schedule. They can follow Santa’s actual progress on the system’s Maps interface and let him know if he needs to pick up the pace.


Santa gets a little sleepy towards the end of his travels, and the sleigh can end up drifting off toward Antarctica. With geo-fencing, the elves receive a notification when Santa is nearing a no-fly zone so they can get him back on course.

Real-Time Alerts

If the reindeer get a little too aggressive trying to make good time, an alert lets the elves know so they can tell Santa to pull back on the reins a bit. Santa can also make his deliveries secure in the knowledge that the elves will be notified if anyone tries to tamper with the sleigh.

Driver Analytics and Maintenance Reminders

Detailed information about Santa’s trip is stored and available in a number of customized reports so he and the elves can work on improving efficiency. Thanks to maintenance reminders, there is no longer any guesswork about when the sleigh is due for a tune-up.


Santa’s tablet is the only piece of equipment he needs to communicate with Central Control back at the North Pole.

Unlimited Tech Support

Christmas Eve is Santa’s big day, but he and the elves are on the job year-round. They appreciate knowing that customer service and tech support are just a phone call away.

If GPS tracking can accomplish this much for Santa, just imagine what it can do for your fleet management needs. Visit our website to learn more.