Vehicles and heavy equipment are necessary tools for your business, but no matter what your industry is, your employees are your most valuable assets. Shouldn’t they be protected the same way your fleet is? Gain peace of mind knowing your employees are covered with our state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems.

gps trackingGPS tracking monitors in-vehicle safety

In the past, you often had no knowledge of risky driving behavior until it was too late and your employee was involved in an accident. Our fleet manager software includes driver safety alerts that are issued to managers, dispatchers and drivers themselves. The alerts cover a number of situations including speeding, rapid acceleration and failure to use a seat belt.

Safety alerts carry a long-term benefit as well. All data, including date and time stamps, is stored indefinitely, providing a point of reference if a driver’s behavior is questioned in the future. In addition to averting potential accidents, alerts help cut expenses on maintenance and replacement of vehicles due to excessive wear and tear.

Instant alert buttons protect employees on the go

What about the times when your employees are away from their vehicles? Accidents can happen on a remote work site, or when an employee is on a solo job. Our instant alert button fastens to a keychain so it can follow your employee throughout the work day, even up to a distance of 500 feet from the vehicle. The device also functions in remote areas that have limited cellular reception.

For an additional measure of safety, our GPS tracking systems can send alerts for any power take-off (PTO) events. Want to know when that boom has been raised or that cement truck has been loaded? GPS alerts will keep you up-to-date.

These safety features are only a few of the benefits you receive with our GPS tracking systems. Our fleet management software provides real-time tracking, customized reporting and accurate mapping to boost productivity and reduce costs. See for yourself why is the solution to your fleet management needs. Visit our website or call 866.320.5810 to schedule a live demo.