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GPS Trackit Solutions Help Fleets Become More Productive and Profitable!

Since 1999, Thousands of Customers have Trusted and Relied Upon GPS Trackit’s Fleet Tracking Solution to Reduce Costs, Improve Performance and Streamline Operations. Customized, On-the-Cloud Software, a 98% Retention Rate, and Unlimited, In-House Tech Support are just a few of the Reasons Why:

Why Customers Choose Us

While our customers may come to us from all over, and just about every business and service type, they all have one thing in common – the need for a reliable and easy to use GPS vehicle tracking solution that provides the real time-data they need to improve performance.

Plumbers, contractors, electricians, security, construction, fleet managers, transportation companies, retail, military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and many more operations have enjoyed the positive results of GPS Trackit’s custom designed and built software.

We know that providing our customer with a great product is only the beginning.

From the moment you’re in contact with our Sales Staff, to receiving follow up from Customer Service, and phoning in for Tech Support when needed, we make sure you receive what you should:

A great experience.

While we like to believe that we have the best customer service in the industry it’s even better when we hear it from our customers.

1. Real-Time Tracking Locate your vehicles or equipment on demand with precision, and with updates times as fast as every minute.

2. Detailed Reports On Single, Groups, or All Run reports to view driver location, speed, drive time, and events such as ignition status or turn by turn.

3. Vehicle Maintenance Keep your fleet finely tuned with reminders for tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and more.

4. Indefinite Data Archive All tracking data is stored for life of the service – free of charge. Great for annual reports and driver records.

5. Rock Solid Warranty Enjoy peace of mind with an industry leading warranty on our flagship Fleet products – for life of the service.

6. Alerts by Text or Email Set notifications for geofences, speeding and ignition status to keep you in the know when you’re out of the office.

7. Web-based Solution Nothing to download. Nothing to update. Access your data from any internet enable device anytime, and anywhere.

8. GSA Certified – Military Grade Our GPS tracking solutions* are certified at the highest level to provide the stability and security you need for your business.

9. Unlimited Training and Support Our dedicated Support Team will help you get online, and running so you can get back to what’s important – your business.

10. Over 25 Reports for Your Needs What’s measured can be improved upon, and we make sure you have the data you need for top performance.

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