Two of the largest variable costs any fleet manager has to deal with are fuel and maintenance costs. One of the most effective ways to get a handle on those costs is to use a sophisticated GPS-based fleet management tool to monitor them in real-time. 

The best solutions not only provide constant monitoring but also work with an easy-to-understand dashboard that gives fleet managers the information they need to change driver behavior and schedule preventative maintenance to prolong the service life of each truck. 

GPS Trackit’s fleet management solution has fully customizable tracking parameters that let managers monitor the most important key performance indicators that relate to reducing fleet fuel and maintenance costs. Including these items on your checklist can help reduce fuel and maintenance costs by up to 40 percent, and extend the vehicle life of a medium-duty truck by more than 100,000 miles. 

Fuel Management

The best fleet management tools connect directly to a vehicle’s engine management software, which provides complete diagnostics in real-time. Instant and average fuel economy data lets managers monitor specific crews and trucks and encourage behavior that increases fuel economy. Changes in fuel economy trends in specific vehicles can also be an indicator that service is needed—and that service can be handled before the truck becomes disabled. 

Aggressive Driving

GPS Trackit’s module measures hard starts, stops, and cornering, which gives fleet managers performance intelligence about their drivers’ tendencies. Aggressive driving not only increases accident risk and reduces fuel economy. It also increases wear and tear on vehicles, reducing their service life. GPS Trackit’s driver scorecard helps fleet managers encourage and reward behavior that increases safety and efficiency. 

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling 

Keeping tires, spark plugs, engine oil, and other lubricants up to spec can reduce fuel costs by up to 10 percent—along with increasing the service life of the vehicle. Automated fleet management tools help managers schedule preventative maintenance in ways that keep trucks in top condition and avoid compromising route coverage. By handling maintenance proactively and on schedule, fleets don’t incur the extra costs associated with emergency and off-hour repair calls. Better-maintained vehicles also attract and retain more experienced drivers. 

To see how GPS Trackit can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.