One of Clauser Tree Care’s clients had a big problem. Namely, an enormous log was sitting in her Philadelphia-area yard. Clauser had taken down the tree earlier in the day, but the size of the log meant a different truck needed to be dispatched to take it away. Hoping to get it taken care of before the weekend, she called Clauser in the late afternoon to see what could be done. 

Her problem was solved thanks to GPS Trackit and a dedicated log removal crew. 

“The log truck wasn’t supposed to be there until another day, but I could see on the GPS that it was close by,” says Debra Clauser, Clauser Tree’s director of marketing. I called and asked the driver to pull over so I could speak to him, and asked if he could make an extra stop and get those logs done for the customer. He had the time to do it, so we were able to satisfy that customer.”

Those seemingly small gestures add up to big-time customer loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth even the largest advertising budget can’t buy. Having better information in front of you in real-time—when you can do something about it—gives you the key to field service customer satisfaction. 

Improved Scheduling Accuracy

With GPS Trackit’s field service management platform, operators can not only plan routes in ways that save fuel and reduce drive time but also see where each truck is in real time—making it easier to predict when a crew will arrive at a given job. Instead of waiting around during a wide estimated time window, customers know much more precisely when a crew arrives. It’s also a snap to share exactly when crews were at a property to give customers peace of mind that their service has been performed. Doing what you say, when you promised, is basic field service customer satisfaction.

More Accurate Billing

With down-to-the-minute reporting of where trucks go and how long they spend at certain kinds of jobs, it becomes much easier to calculate the time and travel elements of those jobs. That means you’re able to give customers accurate bills, and also quote jobs much more precisely ahead of time. Why guess when you can know? One pool service client discovered she was losing money on every job she took in a certain quadrant of her service area because a handful of trucks were all being routed way out of their way every day. By cleaning up the routing—and declining a few jobs that were outliers in terms of location—her margins improved dramatically.

The Right Crews for the Job

Knowing where each truck also means you know which crew is on what job and in what neighborhood. Have a thorny problem only your most experienced techs should touch? You can plot that into the day’s assignments, or see at a glance where that crew is in relation to the problem and forecast an accurate time that crew can be onsite. 

To learn more about how GPS Trackit can help you help your customers love you, schedule a free demo with one of our Fleet Advisors today.