Fuel tax reports can give you nightmares, we know. That is why GPS Trackit partnered with industry leader ProMiles Software Development Co., bringing an integrated solution for automated fuel tax reporting for you.

Powered by integrations with ProMiles, GPS Trackit is offering another powerful tool to its customers, Automated Fuel Tax Reporting, or AFTR, is a ProMiles solution that uses raw GPS data and fuel purchase information to automatically build compliant trip records and generate reports for filing purposes. Information is collected without the need for paper trip sheets or manual entry.

ProMiles interfaces with all leading fuel card providers to source fuel purchase reporting data. Fuel purchase data is automatically associated with the corresponding trip data, then the compliant trip record is stored in a digital database for up to seven years, one year beyond IFTA regulations.

AFTR offers improved efficiency and accuracy to a wide range of users. From owner-operators to enterprise fleets, AFTR provides a straightforward, easy-to-use solution to handle the tedious task of fuel tax reporting. The levels of service include Standard, for a hands-on approach, and Extended, for a more outsourced arrangement.

GPS Trackit is a licensed reseller of AFTR which allows customers to initiate service through their GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor and be billed directly through their existing account. Additionally, GPS Trackit customers receive a substantial DISCOUNT on this premium service.

For more information on Automated Fuel Tax Reporting, please contact your GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor. For more information on other ProMiles’ services, including Truck Routing, Fuel Optimization, and OS/OW permitting, please contact [email protected] 


About ProMiles

ProMiles Software Development Corporation develops and manages the industry’s largest and most accurate mileage database and is a leading provider of regulatory compliance software technology, including Oversize/Overweight permitting and routing, Fuel Tax automation, and reporting, Fuel Management, and routing/mapping solutions. ProMiles seeks to meet the needs of the transportation industry including jurisdictions, owner-operators, fleets, and service bureaus.

ProMiles’ proprietary truck routing software is utilized by 56 out of 58 jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. ProMiles is well versed in auditing procedures and requirements. Automated Fuel Tax Reporting is backed by ProMiles’ industry-leading audit support services.