The pressure to keep up with the constantly evolving industry trends while keeping costs low and ensuring the safety of your vehicles and drivers can be challenging.

We’re here to make it easier! GPS Trackit has been providing reliable fleet management solutions for over 20 years. With our new e-commerce platform, cutting-edge technology to help you manage your fleet is available whenever and wherever you need it.   


The new platform is designed to address the needs of fleet managers who are looking for easy-to-access solutions that will help them gain more visibility over their vehicles and have better information for decision-making. The platform offers a range of vehicle GPS, video telematics, and asset tracking solutions. All of them are easy to set up and customize, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and preferences. 


You can have your tools up and running in minutes, and start receiving data in real-time on an easy-to-use desktop or mobile dashboard. You can monitor everything from driving behavior, fuel usage, route progress, and maintenance status. You’re always in the know about fleet activities and can take quick and decisive action. 


New to fleet management and telematics systems? Don’t worry! The e-commerce platform is easy to navigate, and users can purchase, configure, and deploy the desired tools within minutes without any fuss. A solution like GPS Trackit’s industry-leading Vidfleet AI-powered dash cam can be purchased for less than $300 with one click through Apple Pay (or the credit card of your choice) and delivered directly to you within days, and activating the service requires no long-term contract commitments. Durable and reliable GPS vehicles and asset trackers are available for less than $100 each—which makes protecting your company simple and affordable.  


The new e-commerce platform makes it easy for fleets of any size to use GPS Trackit tools to scale operations, improve efficiency and increase safety. ”We always listen to our customers, and based on that feedback, we built a quick and reliable way to provide essential fleet management solutions,” says Charles Kriete, CEO of GPS Trackit. “Our new e-commerce platform gives anyone access to cutting-edge force multiplier tech tools empowering them to optimize their operations and drive growth and safety across their organizations.”


Whatever the size of your fleet, GPS Trackit has a solution for you. Smaller companies can get access to state-of-the-art tools for fleet management and compete with more established players. Larger companies can use the platform to scale operations with customized solutions and help from a dedicated team of product support specialists. 


Check out the new e-commerce platform today. If you have any questions or need help picking the right product for your application, talk to a Fleet Advisor for more information.