The GPS Trackit Marketplace offers a new solution for driver training.

CarriersEdge driver training is the perfect solution for fleet managers who need to quickly and comprehensively train their drivers. With this easy-to-implement program, you can upload PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more to create company-specific training modules. CarriersEdge supports multiple file formats and features automatic conversion and optimization—making it easier than ever to make the content you already have work for you. 


Professional Presentation

CarriersEdge offers more than 80 different areas of coursework ranging from comprehensive tutorials to refresher and remedial courses. Defensive driving, cargo safety, compliance practices, and hazardous materials handling are just a few of the subject matter areas available in the program. Plus, many titles are available in both English and Spanish. You can use CarriersEdge’s expertly prepared courses as standalone, or integrate them with your own content for a customized experience—all for the same price. 


Powerful Reporting & Administration 

The training module is built with powerful tools for managing user accounts, assigning courses, and reporting on progress. You can easily print certificates, run reports, track compliance, and analyze trends by the terminal, manager, or individual driver. Whether you have a large fleet or a small one, the administration is always easy, flexible, and fast with CarriersEdge. 


Advanced Analytics

CarriersEdge is also equipped with advanced analytics to help you gain actionable insights as your drivers work their way through training. The easy-to-understand analytics give you the power to optimize training programs as they happen and ensure that your drivers are meeting their goals. 


Access from Any Device

There’s no need for special hardware to make CarriersEdge work for your application. It can be accessed from any device, mobile or desktop. This makes it easy for drivers to learn and for fleet managers to track progress, no matter where they are. With CarriersEdge driver training, training your drivers has never been easier and more convenient.


To find out more about CarriersEdge driver training, check out the full listing in the GPS Trackit Marketplace.