One of the most common troubleshooting requests we receive doesn’t have anything to do with the functionality of the fleet management software. If you have ever had a fleet GPS device unplugged, you know how frustrating it can be.

There are many reasons why this could happen—from an employee accidentally knocking it out to a malicious attempt to tamper with the device. But no matter the reason, there are two easy ways to prevent this from happening again: Using a Y cable or zip ties. Let’s take a look at how these simple solutions can help keep your fleet GPS unit secure.


Why Y Cables or Zip Ties?

A standard location tracking unit plugs into the OBD receptacle under the driver-side dash of your vehicle. For some applications, that’s plenty sufficient—and secure. But if you have a vehicle where drivers are getting in and out many times and could potentially jostle the monitor loose—or you’re concerned about the device being tampered with—a Y cable is a great solution. A Y cable replaces the standard OBD single receptacle with two dedicated ports on extended cords. This allows you to tuck the GPS unit farther under the dash, where it is less likely to be loosened, and keep another OBD port available for vehicle diagnostic equipment.  Zip ties are a simpler, more low-tech solution, and can work when you aren’t able to move the OBDII port—provided you use the correct size. 



To install a Y cable, first, make sure you have the correct adapter size for the receptacle in your vehicle. GPS Trackit units have a standard OBD connection and can be used with a universal Y cable OBD splitter like this one. Detach the clips or screws connecting the OBD port to the housing, and connect one end of the Y cable to the port. Now, you can tuck the GPS monitor farther under the dash, and secure it with zip ties. To anchor the monitor to the OBD housing itself, first, slide the zip tie over the top of the OBD housing then, attach the monitor. Pull the tie over the front and back of the monitor and secure the tie tightly. Check out this installation video to see exactly how it’s done.   

A fleet management system is only as good as the quality of its data–and that stream of data can be compromised if your monitors are made inactive. To troubleshoot a GPS device unplugged error–or to find out how your fleet could benefit from the information the GPS Trackit platform can provide–talk to one of our Fleet Advisors today