GPS Trackit recently read an article about Mayor Rick Hoffman being involved in a citywide debate regarding law enforcement use of automatic vehicle location (AVL) vs GPS tracking and location in the Pennsylvania town of Macungie.

Law enforcement use of vehicle tracking and location is used for various reasons.

It can be a matter of tracking a suspect, dispatching officers to an emergency, or simply for knowing where officers are located during their shift.

Automatic vehicle location and GPS tracking and location are two very similar technologies with different benefits available for end-users.

The Simplicity (Limitations) of Automatic Vehicle Location

AVL systems are an easy and efficient way to determine the location of police vehicles at any time during their shift. Using the same technology as GPS tracking and location devices, an AVL system works much the same way.

AVL systems are designed to establish the location of a vehicle at a specific geographic location.

The AVL system consists of a GPS receiver that is installed within the vehicle. Much like a GPS tracking and location unit, the AVL system provides dispatchers with a real-time map to display a vehicles geographic location.

Though most AVL’s provide a feature allowing dispatchers to follow the location of a vehicle, they do not provide actual vehicle tracking or monitoring.

This means that most AVL’s are not designed to track a vehicles historical breadcrumb trail or provide any additional historical data about the vehicles movements or status’ that can be used at a future date and time if necessary.

This is a managerial feature provided by GPS tracking software that all law enforcement would benefit from when further establishing evidence and information pertaining to investigations.

GPS Tracking – A Complete Fleet Management Solution

There has been a misconception about the use of GPS tracking and location and what it is capable of doing.

GPS technology has advanced so much that often times the units aren’t used to their full capabilities.

A GPS system is a telematic solution providing complete fleet management allowing law enforcement to:

▪ Locate the nearest patrol car to an address or another vehicle in real-time to provide more immediate assistance.
▪ Know if an officer is parked with the engine running or off to reduce engine wear and tear as well as fuel consumption.
▪ The historical movement of vehicles can be retrieved and used for evidence and information pertaining to department cases.
▪ Landmarks and geofences can be created to alert dispatch when patrol cars enter or leave a certain geographic location or address.
▪ Start/Stop reports will provide dates, times, and addresses regarding dispatch calls for each department vehicle.
▪ Vehicle maintenance is streamlined with the ability to create automatic alerts for when vehicles need to be serviced.

Optional GPS features may include but are not limited to:

▪ Internal backup battery
▪ Mobile internet connectivity with use of laptop
▪ Wireless panic button

The features provided by a GPS tracking and location system offers additional benefits meant to help the department do more than track their officers to know where they are. A GPS solution can help the department save time, increase productivity, and ultimately save the department on overhead expenses.

Offer to Mayor Hoffman for Free GPS Tracking Trial Period

GPS Trackit understands that not all GPS vehicle tracking and location devices are created equal.

When looking to insure the safety of law enforcement officers, as well as the citizens of Macungie, having the right product, with the most user-friendly software on the market, and backed by the most knowledgeable customer service and technical support staff in the industry does not have to cost taxpayers an arm and a leg.

Because we believe GPS tracking will provide an unparalleled level of security over an AVL product, GPS Trackit has extended the offer of a free trial period for Mayor Hoffman to test out GPS Trackit’s vehicle tracking and location products.

For more details contact our office at: (866) 320-5810 x223