vehicle tracking and location

We’ve been able to verify and match information from the customers with the drivers. It makes settling customer service disputes much easier using the information from the GPS vehicle tracking reports.” – Gene Littleford

COMPANY: BTS – Big Town Service

LOCATION: Henderson, Nevada



Big Town Service is a proud partner of the Southern Nevada based company Big Town Mechanical. They provide their community with HVACR and plumbing products and services.

The company was founded in 1962 and remains dedicated to providing the best customer service available in the area.


BTS was no stranger to GPS tracking. They had a previous solution in place before learning about GPSTrackit however, they needed a simpler solution to meet their needs.

The main problems that BTS was facing:

  • Tracking Service Technicians During the Day
  • More Accurate Resolving Customer Service Disputes
  • Managing Billing Adjustments


GPSTrackit discussed the main problems facing BTS and established that the L2000 would be the perfect GPS tracking and location device to monitor their fleet.

The L2000 vehicle tracking and location device provides BTS with the following:

  • Service Technician Location Anytime of Day or Night
  • Accurate Log of Daily Customer Starts/Stops
  • Comprehensive Timesheet Information


“Monetarily we save a few thousand on a monthly basis when it comes to billing adjustments we used to make.” – Gene Littleford

Upon implementing the use of the L2000 GPS vehicle tracking and location device, BTS was able to gather real-time information regarding their entire fleet at any given time day or night.

Using the Stop/Start/Idle report shows BTS the time and location where a service technician starts their vehicle, what address and time it stops at, and whether the vehicle’s engine is idling or not. This information along with that provided by the Simple report can be used to not only track the location of their fleet vehicles during the day, but can provide data to help resolve customer service issues.

Much like the Stop/Start/Idle report, the Simple report provides BTS with their service technicians location. The difference being the Simple report also provides the distance a technician drives at a specific speed. This is beneficial for maintaining driver accountability and safety.

Information provided on the Timesheet report used by BTS has helped the company to save  a few thousand dollars on a monthly basis by catching data-entry errors and corrected billing adjustments.

Establishing a GPS solution for your business may or may not be received well. Service technicians working for BTS had mixed feelings. “Our technicians work independently. Many of them were concerned because our technicians like to run personal errands while they’re working,” stated owner Gene Littleford.

A solution like the L2000 GPS vehicle tracking and location device provides a customizable solution to fleet tracking suitable for any business in any industry.

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