Temecula, CA – 5am Monday morning Ron Lowe, from Lowe Materials Transport, Inc., receives an urgent call from his driver asking, “Where’s the truck?” Ron replied, “It should be in the yard!” His driver responded, “No it’s not, Ron!”

Ron immediately goes to his laptop and logs into GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager dashboard and using GPS tracking locates the truck in Los Angeles when it’s supposed to be in Norco over 50 miles away.

He then proceeded to call the Sheriff’s department and met a team of officers at the GPS location in Los Angeles. Based on the fact the truck was reported stolen and had GPS tracking, the Sheriff had all that was needed and proceeded to search the premises.

As expected, the Sheriff’s department found the stolen truck, yet the trailer and two equipment bins that were on the truck were nowhere to be found. Ron then goes on his tablet and again logs into the Fleet Manager dashboard to view the locations of the last stops the truck made. The last stop was about 4 miles from where they found the truck.

Upon arrival at that last recorded stop the Sheriff found the trailer, as well as the two equipment bins under large tarps. The bins had already been repainted and made to look like new.

With GPS Trackit’s GPS tracking solution Ron was able to recover and take all of his equipment and truck, which was valued at approximately $61,000 back home that same evening.

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