Is Your Car Zombie Apocalypse Ready?
Is Your Car Zombie Apocalypse Ready?

In the new millennium it’s not enough to have your car street worthy. It has to be ready for a quick getaway when the Zombie Apocalypse descends. At that point, the streets will be the least of your problems. Have you assembled your disaster recovery kit yet? The darkness can strike at any time.

You might be wondering why a car will even be necessary. After all, you’ve seen every episode of The Walking Dead and you know you can outrun those creepy crawlers. But no one can run forever, unless your name is Forrest Gump. With food supplies uncertain, you’ll need to conserve your energy.

Rick Grimes and his posse have gone through a variety of vehicles since the zombies came to town. They wouldn’t be able to keep little Judith in Pampers without a way to visit the local general store. A car also makes a handy battering ram if you should encounter a whole army of zombie walkers.

If you have the swagger of a Daryl Dixon, you could get away with a hip Triumph chopper, but a car or pickup is far more practical.

Here’s a handy checklist of gear that should be included in any decent zombie mobile.

• It’s doubtful that even self-service gas stations will be in working order, so be sure to have a gas can and hose handy. You might want to schedule a few siphoning practice sessions beforehand. That would be like going on Survivor without knowing how to build a fire.

• Stock up on auto air fresheners.  Not much else about zombies works, but they do have an acute sense of  smell. If you and your car smell like a pine tree, they’re likely to pass you right by.

• When one wrong turn can take you right into a  nest of the undead, you and your posse can’t make it to safety without your GPSTrackIt system. It’ll be even more valuable than ever since you won’t have to worry about those pesky traffic laws like speed limits and stop signs. Plus, you’ll know right where all your friends are with our advanced GPS vehicle fleet tracking options.

• Invest in a top-of-the-line crossbow and plenty of arrows. You can’t take a chance on the sound of gunfire bringing more zombies to the scene. Besides, taking aim with that crossbow looks a whole lot cooler than just firing a plain old gun.

Have GPSTrackIt, will travel. You’ll sleep much better tonight knowing that you’re prepared. You might want to keep one eye open, though.