GPS tracking technology

In a national survey by a DaimlerChrysler AG division, parents have said that they are worried first and foremost about their teenager’s safety while driving more than any other problem. Although teenage pregnancy and underage drinking also made the list, a staggering 59% of parents stated that teen driving was their top concern, placing teen driving securely as the biggest concern among parents.

Nevertheless, the advancement of GPS tracking technology as well as the proliferation of smartphones have given parents a brand new set of tools in order to stay informed and prevent some of the biggest concerns about teens when driving unsupervised.

Speeding Alerts

One of the biggest concerns parents have about teens driving is speeding, and for good reason—teens are one of the guiltiest drivers out there on the road about speeding, more than any other age group. Luckily, there is now technology that will send SMS alerts to parents when their child is driving above a set speed. Parents can keep track of every incident in which their child is speeding, and help keep their child in check while driving. Often, just the knowledge that parents will be aware of when they are speeding is enough to discourage teen drivers from speeding.

Start and Stop Notifications

The next biggest concern that parents have about teens driving is when and where teens are driving. Although teenagers may claim to be driving to a certain destination at a certain hour, there was no way for parents to know for sure and no accountability on the part of the teen. However, tools now exist that utilize a teen’s smartphone to discover exactly when and where a teen is going at all times. This data can be easily presented on a map, providing clear and concise visual representations of their teen’s route.

Many of these features are also available at The ability to monitor routes and driving speeds, as well as the freedom to view this information at any time and any place has truly been the next stage in GPS vehicle tracking. If you are a parent, rest assured that by using some of the many tools now available to you, you and your teen will be safer out on the road.

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