Spring Green Landscaping has North Charlotte covered.

With seven trucks and a loyal customer base, Jim Bernier’s problem wasn’t acquiring more customers, but making sure he could efficiently handle the ones he had. With the help of GPS Trackit’s landscaping field service software, Bernier was able to keep track of his trucks in the field much more easily—which also created more operational time to fill with new clients. With a minimal investment—less than a cup of coffee per day per vehicle—Spring Green got more efficient, improved customer service, and reduced wear and tear on its trucks. Here’s how your landscape business can see some of the same benefits:

Know Where Your Assets Are in Real Time

The best landscaping field service software uses GPS-enabled beacons in each vehicle to provide real-time location data. Contractors can tell at a glance where each vehicle is, and see where it’s headed. For Bernier, knowledge is power when it comes to his crews. “We have auditors and coordinators that need to know where the vehicles are. For us, that’s critical—so we can go and make sure they’re doing their job in the right way and a safe manner,” says Bernier. “It’s peace of mind knowing that you can see where everybody has been and they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.” Bernier was able to encourage crews to avoid wasting time off task and make sure vehicles were not being used for non-work purposes, like moonlighting. non-work purposes. 

Cover More Territory with the Same Crews

Landscaping field service software like GPS Trackit overlays on Google Maps and gives contractors a simple, visual way to build more efficient route maps for each crew. Instead of crisscrossing all over your coverage area, you can reduce the total number of miles each truck drives while servicing more customers. The average client is able to see at least 15 percent more customers with the same number of vehicles and crew. 

Reduce Variable Expenses

Fewer miles driven means less fuel burned—which translates into lower fuel costs. GPS Trackit’s landscaping field service software also gives contractors the power to monitor driver behavior and reward crews that drive efficiently—and safely. Less aggressive acceleration and braking saves fuel and reduces vehicle wear and tear and maintenance costs. The average GPS Trackit client saves more than 10 percent on fuel costs within 30 days, which more than covers the cost of the service by itself. 

Build Crew Performance and Loyalty

Industry-leading landscaping field management software can present contractors with at-a-glance performance metrics that can serve as the basis for powerful scorecard programs rewarding elite performers. That’s a crucial recruiting and retention tool—and an effective way to improve fleet-wide performance. Replacing experienced and talented crew members is expensive and time-consuming. Plus, landscape companies with long-term employees invested in the company’s success tend to have stronger brand reputations and customer service metrics. 

To learn more about how Spring-Green did better business with GPS Trackit—and to get your own free, customized demo—schedule a consultation with a Fleet Advisor today.