If you run a group of fleet vehicles, you know how important good information can be—especially when it comes to a time when you can use it to make better decisions. Systems like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet use predictive technology to warn you about potential problems before they happen. Even better than “real-time,” predictive technology helps you do things ahead of time. 

Let’s take a look at how it works, and how it can help you with vehicle fleet management:

What is Predictive Technology? 

Predictive technology uses data to make “educated guesses” about future events or outcomes based on past information and current trends. What does that look like in vehicle fleet management? VidFleet uses powerful artificial intelligence to analyze driver behavior in real-time. When it senses potentially distracted behavior, the system delivers an audible warning. Combined with the exterior real-time camera view, an operator can see the full scope of a driver’s performance—and have video documentation in case an incident does occur. The typical GPS Trackit client sees a reduction in adverse traffic incidences of more than 20 percent, and the average cost of incidences that do occur is reduced by 15 percent.

How Does It Work? 

The best vehicle fleet management software uses powerful algorithms to compare a driver’s actions—from how he or she is controlling the vehicle down to subtle facial gestures and location of visual focus—to the data footprint of thousands of other similar combinations of actions. VidFleet can instantly recognize potentially distracted behavior—like glancing toward a cell phone or dozing off—and immediately produce an audible cue for the driver. This combines with the platform’s ability to aggregate every vehicle’s movements, comparative fuel efficiency, and overall performance—which gives fleet operators a powerful tool for training, scheduling, and rewarding drivers with the best safety and performance metrics. One GPS Trackit client uses the data to produce a weekly driver scoreboard highlighting the crews that are best at staying within safety and efficiency parameters. The winners are rewarded with cash prizes. 

Benefits of Predictive Technology 

Crew and equipment safety are the obvious benefits of predictive technology. But this kind of vehicle fleet management can offer tremendous cost savings, too. Simply monitoring driver performance can produce up to 10 percent in fuel cost savings from less aggressive driving fleetwide. Most insurance carriers offer substantial discounts for fleet coverage when vehicles are protected by this technology, and some will even cover the cost of installation for their clients. 

Your fleet has its own specific opportunities and challenges. Let one of our experienced Fleet Advisors build a customized demo and show you exactly how much safer—and more efficient—your operation can be.