Is Fleet Management Smarter with GPS Tracking?

Can we take a moment to discuss what counts as a “smarter” solution?
Smart solutions help anticipate problems and solve them before they turn into operational hazards. For instance, Tyrel Steffen runs field operations for Classic Installs – a national kitchen installer for commercial kitchens. Tyrel has drivers across the country working at night to deliver their turnkey solution. With GPS Trackit, Tyrel monitors error codes and can easily turn days of lost productivity into a couple of hours of downtime by scheduling preventative maintenance with drivers in the field.
Because quality of a fleet management “solution” (we’re talking GPS tracking, dash cams, ELD hardware, the whole nine yards here) is critically important to operational excellence, cost savings, driver safety, and accountability and, of course, overall ROI.
Over the past several years, fleet management has become more efficient and easy thanks to the revolutionary impact of real-time GPS tracking. Features added to vehicle tracking systems continue to make the tools more and more necessary for trucking industry leaders.
New tracking systems provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that incorporate hardware and software and collect data with cloud technology for easy access to integrated data and solutions. You can get reports on various aspects of your fleet as you want, designed to fit your needs. In the next section, we’ll break down a few specific categories that are important to consider when you’re deciding what fleet management platform will best serve you and your company’s needs.

Features of GPS Tracking

At a fundamental level, GPS tracking is all about visibility, clarity, and accuracy. The ability to know where your fleet is and monitor any issues is invaluable to fleet management. The Internet of Things, or IoT, provides you with the means of tracking your vehicles and workers as they conduct business. GPS TrackIt provides a fleet assessment tool to let you know which products are best for your business.
Some of the features of GPS tracking include:

● Real-time monitoring and alerts:

You and your clients can track vehicle movement, and receive real-time updates on locations as your shipments are en route.

● Maintenance checks:

Fleet management software allows you to proactively keep tabs on fuel maintenance, engine repair, and other issues that might arise with your vehicles, eliminating breakdowns and repairs.

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to a Fleet Advisor today.

● Geofencing:

Your business can customize alerts by using a geofencing feature that allows you to designate landmarks along the routes of your fleet. When a vehicle reaches a point you’ve chosen, you can receive an immediate notification on your phone or computer.

● Temperature monitoring:

Refrigerated trailers must meet federal safety guidelines. GPS tracking systems help monitor temperature in reefer trucks, letting you know immediately of any changes that might threaten temperature-sensitive cargo.

● Customized reports on drivers and vehicles:

Fleet management software tied to GPS technology can provide you with data specifically designed to address the progress of your trucks and workers.

● Dashcams:

Real-time video data helps protect your company in the event of an accident by giving you immediate footage of what happened. This makes it easier to determine who’s at fault, and assess future risks, which ultimately will lower your insurance costs and keep employees safe.
As the technology continues to evolve, GPS Trackit is fully committed to providing cutting-edge fleet management options and best-in-class customer support to our clients. We love hearing from customers like Tyrell because when our solution saves you time, energy, and money, that’s a win-win for us, our customers, and for the customers they serve.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our
knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.

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