Essentials for Your Fleet Management Toolbox

Does your shipping business have the right tools in its fleet management toolbox?
At this time, consolidating your fleet management needs into one system is the easiest, most efficient way to run your business, for the fleet management system that satisfies your needs quickly, monitoring your drivers’ safety and the quality of your vehicles, is the one for you.
Immediate alerts regarding your trucks’ locations and any issues that arise with them are the key to your success. The faster you’re able to react to situations or provide your customers with information about the location of their goods, the better your business will be.

The Fleet Management Tools You Need

For the safety of your workers and the satisfaction of your customers, your shipping business must find fleet management software that provides them with key information and tools, particularly the industry basics to suit day-to-day needs and comply with federal standards.
Consolidated fleet management systems will provide all necessary information on a single platform from one vendor, making it easier to conduct your business quickly with minimal stress.
Whether you’re addressing a concern or considering your bottom line, a unified platform of stacked technologies provides you with the fastest information at the lowest cost.

Real-Time GPS Tracking with Google Maps

When it comes to tracking the vehicles in your fleet, access to accurate, real-time data is critical. Fleet management software using Google Maps to track locations provides the most accurate, consistently updated mapping technology in the world.
With state-of-the-art telematics systems, you can determine checkpoints for your vehicles, track their progress on a route, and note their time of arrival.

Regular Reports by Email

Fleet management systems provide you with automated email reports about your vehicles and drivers on a regular basis, and you can determine the frequency at which you receive them.
This gives you and your customers quick information about the quality of your deliveries and the efficiency of your drivers, among other things.

Driver Scorecards

Monitoring driver behavior helps you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your workers on the road. Fleet management systems can let you know about issues like speeding, hard braking, and unsafe driving practices immediately.
Your reputation on the road travels with each member of your team, so it’s valuable to know how they’re driving.

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to a Fleet Advisor today.

Maintenance Reminders

From fuel management and tire safety to oil gauges and odometer readings, fleet management systems can predict when maintenance issues might arise, saving you time and money with your vehicles. Predictive maintenance is possible with the right fleet management systems, reducing the unscheduled maintenance issues and breakdowns you might see within your fleet.

Dual-Facing Cameras

Video telematics can let you know immediately when an incident has happened with one of your vehicles, providing you with immediate communication and information in the event of an emergency. A dashcam or camera mounted elsewhere on the truck can provide you with a complete view of any moment, giving you evidence that might help prevent litigation and costly insurance premiums.
Video monitoring also helps pinpoint driver training needs and prevents internal and external theft.
Having dual-facing cameras protects your drivers and your business on the road, assuring safer roads and conditions for everyone.

Temperature Monitoring

The refrigerated trucks in your fleet are under federal mandate to maintain certain temperatures for shipped goods and perishables, and quality fleet management systems can monitor those refrigerated trailers to assure that the job is done well.
When food safety is compromised, real-time alerts can help you address problems, minimize losses, and best satisfy your customers.

Protect Your Vehicles and Your Team

Your business thrives if you prioritize your customers’ needs, value your team, and protect your assets. By acquiring the essential tools for fleet management, you create a path to success for your business.
Fleet management software helps your business by giving you the information you need to run safely and smoothly across the nation.

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