A major component of good fleet management is keeping costs down in order to help boost profits. You can use your GPS track log and corresponding reports to help you do this. Real-time features like mapping and two-way driver communication are great for improving response times and increasing customer satisfaction, but analyzing old data can also be very informative.

Some of the ways your GPS track log can help you improve the bottom line include:

  • Optimize labor costs – Use log data to identify wasted labor. You will know exactly when a driver started and stopped, how long they stayed at a work site, and how long they took a break for lunch. In addition to verifying time sheets, you can also identify inefficiencies and determine ways to solve them.
  • Reduce fuel costs – Speeding and idling are two of the biggest contributors to poor fuel mileage. Use track log data to identify drivers who speed or routes that result in longer idling times.
  • Monitor for maintenance – Missing scheduled maintenance can get expensive, especially if you have to repair or replace vehicles. These unnecessary costs cut into your profits and it is entirely preventable. Use your track log to let you know how many miles or engine hours have occurred. You can even set up alerts to let you know when it’s time for routine vehicle maintenance.
  • Speed up your billing cycle – Easily import driver time sheets so you can quickly bill customers for actual driving time and mileage. Your GPS track log can also be very useful for settling customer billing disputes when necessary. The faster you can send out billing, the faster you get paid, and accurate reports ensure that you get paid for every minute and every mile.
  • Respond to more customers – Evaluate past route choices to see where you can optimize. Perhaps reassigning a few routes will allow you to get to more customers each day, which means more billing and more profits for you.

The more information you have, the better you can make fleet decisions that impact your company. Use our GPS track log to both save money and make more money so you can increase profits and grow your business.

GPS Trackit makes it easy for you to manage your small fleet. All GPS track log data is available in detailed reports, and now you can use Analytics for Fleet to get a quick snapshot view of performance over time. Where do you think you could find savings with GPS track log data?