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Wisconsin company receives US patent for crime mapping GPS navigation system

Two Wisconsin inventors have developed and successfully patented CrimeAware™.  The product provides real-time crime data on web-connected smartphones and GPS units showing the locations of crimes committed in specific geographic areas.

Prison bosses hail new GPS tracking devices a success as they identify breaches and put offenders back before courts

An Australian newspaper’s campaign has led to GPS trackers being used to track sex offenders.  Since the trackers were introduced in November last year following the Courier-Mail’s campaign, 20 offenders monitored under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act have been hauled back to the Supreme Court for violations.

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GPS devices used to track drug suspect

Police in Minnesota used a court-sanctioned GPS device to track suspected drug dealers.  The suspect’s movements were tracked using the location data from the device.  After leaving what police believed to be headquarters of a large drug distribution ring, the suspect was stopped.  A drug dog sniffed out a chunk of cocaine weighing almost a quarter-pound.