GPS Trackit, provider of fleet management and vehicle tracking services, has released Driver©, a tablet-based technology providing fleet drivers with a suite of GPS navigation and communication tools.  Users can view maps, plan their routes, get directions, or chat with dispatchers or other drivers.

GPSTrackIt Driver Tablet SiteDriver© is a web portal optimized for tablets.  It works with iPads, Android-based tablets, and Blackberrys to deliver mapping, route planning, and two-way communications to fleet drivers.  And, unlike other dedicated navigational aids, the tablets can use third-party services like credit card authorization, e-signing and faxing contracts, and more.  In addition, the tablets provide apps for file and document management for service calls, record keeping, and contact management.

Driver© acts as a two-way communication portal for dispatchers and field workers that are specifically designed to work on all tablets across platforms. Some of the features it includes are:

  • Two-way Messaging
  • Route Loading
  • Customizable Forms
  • Plan Stops & Job Sites
  • Driver Time Clock and History
  • Maps View of Stops

Driver© Mobile Site Works Across All Tablets

Driver© is not an app.  It adapts to your console’s display – ready to work on whatever tablet you’re using.  Whether your employees access it via iPad, an Android-based tablet, or a Blackberry, it still looks and runs great.  No updating on your end is necessary as Driver’s software updates in real-time so you’ll always have the latest version.

Communicate in Real-time With Two-way Messaging

Driver© allows for easy two-way communication between you and your employees in the field. Build a library of canned messages and responses that enable drivers to respond by selecting from a list with a single touch.  They can also type in a custom message or response when called for.

Drivers can easily view current and past chat history to keep track of daily communications.  A simple, yet hard to miss, notification bar lets drivers know when they’ve missed a chat.

Drivers Can View Routes, Job Details and post Status

The Stops tab helps your field employees stay more organized. Each driver can easily see his/her stops for the day, update their status, and get directions – all at the touch of a button.  The stops list is dynamic.  New stops can be added on the fly.  Drivers receive notifications if dispatch sends any more.  Drivers can let dispatch know if they are en route, on-site, or done with an assigned stop.  They can get directions listed and mapped.

Customizable Forms Let You Collect Needed Data

Collecting data from the field can be both time consuming and tedious.  Driver’s customizable forms enable you to build preset fields that help your employees capture vital information about their work activities and your customers’ needs.  Create forms for everyday tasks such as job completions, fuel usage, delivery updates, and more.  All data sent in a form is instantly available to dispatch to view through any web-enabled device.  Choose from free text or multiple choice in creating your forms.

Employees Update Dispatch on Activity with Driver Status

The Driver tab provides a hub for employees to update dispatch on his/her activity for the day. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and gives an objective history for reviewing work orders and timesheet records.  Drivers can easily clock in and out to allow for easy timekeeping.  Each employee can view his/her activity showing time clock changes, stops and status updates.  Driver’s can update dispatch on their status: on-duty driving, on-duty idle, off-duty, and lunch.

Maps Page Lets Employees View All Stops

The Maps page enables your drivers to view the big picture while also allowing for smarter routing and time management with dynamic stops and route management.  Drivers can easily get a birds-eye view of all their stops for the day to plan accordingly.  Take advantage of dynamic map markers by getting directions to any point from your current location.